nasty/fuckin gross
sondra is raunchy looking
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
(1)used to describe a genre of movies that is softcore porn.
(2)the category that the American Pie series would fall under.
Person 1: "Dude, let's rent a movie tonight"
Person 2: "OK what do you feel like watching?"
Person 1: "How bout one of the raunchies?"
Person 2: "Awesome, let's get the new American Pie"
#softcore porn #raunchy #american pie #movie #boarderline porn
by lacoste619 May 30, 2006
1. smelly
2. dirty, unclean
3. the stench of smell after sex
4. slutty
ima be a raunchy little bitch and use the word raunchy causse i think i'm cool
#rauncheena #ronchani #slew #shittalker #bitch
by terimadiphudi January 26, 2011
Raunchy can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective. If it is being used as a noun, you are referring to some one as a raucher: meaning they are dirty in a sexual way or have a dirty mind. If it is being used as a verb, it is being used in the sense as "to raunch" meaning to walk or move in a sexually dirty way or to creep up on someone to seduce them. If raunchy is being used as an adjective you are describing someone or something as sexual or dirty. You can also describe an action as raunchy, but also by saying someone is doing something raunchily.
1. "Why did you bend over and lift those weights that way? You are such a dirty rauncher!"
2. That girl tried to moan and raunch over on the other girl to turn her on.
3. That girl just licked ketchup off of that other girls leg! That was so raunchy.
4. The girl raunchily licked her lips and then licked the hula girl.
#dirty #sexual #creep #kinky #grimy #grungy
by Coffee Bean Pop Tart June 23, 2011
Someone or something that is pretty damn disgusting.
person 1: Dude, did you see Christian Bale's body in that movie 'The Machinist'?
person 2: God, his body was so Raunchy!
person 1: I know!
#gross #nasty #awful #horrible #terrrible
by Jibbity Jub-Jub April 08, 2015
To be nasty
Corey Gibbs is raunchy af.
#ugly #nasty #disgusting #whomperific #dirty
by someoneouttherewhocantforget January 13, 2015
The essence of employing luke warm ranch into one's sexual intercourse resulting in a pungent, ranch-like aroma. The primary use of the aforementioned ranch is lubrication; however, many find the substance to add a unmistakable zing to oral sex activities with the primary focus being on taste.
Lucy and I had a great time last night. We got a bit raunchy and even with all of the windows open, the smell won't go away.
#sex #rawdoggin #lava syrup #arabian sand goggles #alaskan snow dragon #strawberry shortcake
by peepersrusty January 07, 2012
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