The essence of employing luke warm ranch into one's sexual intercourse resulting in a pungent, ranch-like aroma. The primary use of the aforementioned ranch is lubrication; however, many find the substance to add a unmistakable zing to oral sex activities with the primary focus being on taste.
Lucy and I had a great time last night. We got a bit raunchy and even with all of the windows open, the smell won't go away.
by peepersrusty January 07, 2012
horny; sexually exciting and/or explicit.
That was a very raunchy movie.
by El Bichote April 23, 2003
1. disgusting, nasty

2. lewd, obscene, vulgar
That place was so raunchy I felt like I was going to puke.
by Light Joker December 04, 2005
Something that is inherently unacceptable or nasty.
Your mom's vagass is raunchy.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 30, 2003
Trashy; unworthy. Slutty or skankish. Likes to talk to older guys.. preferably Persians. At the age of fifteen, she had sex more times than my family combined. Likes do to the nasty in the backs of trucks. Only on special events is there ever a bed involved. Her favorite number is 10.
Person one "Who is that?!"
Person two "Thats Morgan Martinez..."
Person one "She looks raunchy!"
by Peace&Blesssinggs November 30, 2010
a disgusting person/thing.
you are a raunchy old woman.
by xo paradisefound April 22, 2007
gross or nasty, x-rated
Erik Romero is raunchy. Really, so is Veronica!
distasteful, obscene, and or just plain gross
"The man" has been adding hella raunchy crap to this website.
by Yen Le and Katie December 15, 1999

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