A woman who is good at making sandwiches. She may be your wife or girlfriend but you value her cause of her delicious sandwiches.
"Now make me a sandwich...you raunchy bitch."
by Vincent Bondage September 02, 2006
A fuckin raunchy bitch who is most likely fat, and drives a bus. She spends her day driving terribly, bottoming out, being late, and almost getting students killed twice in 1 day. She sits at the front of the bus and drives like she owns the damn thing, then thinks it is ok to rear her ugly head, and take a peek into the back while nobody wants to see her face. She might on occasion get students to their school late, then have the nerve to ask them to pick up their trash. Can be determined from other bus driving bitches if she sais G'MORNING!! to every student when they get on, and saying BIEE!! BIEE!! BIEE!! when they get off. Can be subdued by telling her "SHUCHYOUR MOUTH!", or by spraying her in the face with raunch-away (bear mace).
"DUDE! The bus driver bottomed out 3 times today!" "I know man! Shese a FUKIN RAUNCHY BITCH!!!"
by conowitz January 13, 2012

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