The property of looking trashy, hoe-ish, or slutty.
That girl is lookin pretty raunch today.
by kmbeeyotch April 14, 2010
Top Definition
Unconventional sex acts involving scat, puke, golden showers, and being aroused by B.O.. A step beyond merely kinky.
"That guy is way wild in the bedroom, even into raunch."
by Kyle December 06, 2003
A person who exhibits sloth like behavior. He/she is typically lethargic and bad at everything. They typically have supernatural abilities.
Dang, that Devansh guy with the super extending arms and sloth form is so raunch.
by NanikaSeagulls December 31, 2012
adj./ n.- being kinky, sexy, and/or erotic. derived from raunchy, meaning a permanent state of raunchiness. A state of being that anyone or thing can be in. A definitive statement.
Her new photo was raunch.
by Bauer Power October 25, 2005
Someone or something that is particularly gross or unacceptable.
1. Have you seen that girl Cathleen? She's such a raunch.
by iamtessaj October 01, 2008
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