self procalimed prince of ireland aka the emerald isle, gay strong and gullable, will believe anything an elder tells him.... is sibling with wire brush on head all-star wide reciever who undoubtably has the best routes ever and is gay as well "pushin 8 inches" gay, has obsession of known to kill anyone who threaten the validity of his parents claims and his grandpa paint the brigde outside of the highschool single handedly,,,,twoce! i oughta beat u like ared headed step child
freckly letterman....walks very proud
by 868 November 30, 2003
Top Definition
irish version of jesus christ. turns rocks into potatoes. he cannot go more than 10 minutes with out eating a pound of potatoe product. potatoe imatation product is to ratt, as kryptonyte is to super man. also claims aleins exist and make constant contact with his father, who of course, sees all and knows all. his brothe kyle ( he man woman hater) can be found under pubicibus-maximus
who is strutting at skool in his varsity jacket? matt reed
by jesse benson December 02, 2003
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