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An online community of people who gradually form an online nation based merely on looks and/or music. Most members are accepted for internet popularity rather than their actual appearance. Rating communities can be found on any basic journaling system on the internet, but they tend to be taken more seriously on livejournal, deadjournal, and greatestjournal
Kaysey: Holy Shit I got accepted to the most elite rating community on livejournal I must be a hottie.

Julia: It's only because you blurred your acne scars. Too bad you can't apply a photoshop edit in real life.
by jewzilla July 28, 2005
A place where a bunch of elitist, "attractive" kids get together in a pack forming a sort of "club" to help raise their self esteem in which normal people apply and they give them "yes" or "no" answers as to if they are ugly or not. If you get more yes's than no's you can be a member of their pack and are able to vote on other applicants. Rating communities are usually on any online journaling system (livejournal, greatestjournal, xanga etc.)
Johanna: I just applied at RADIO THERAPY! I think I might be an uggo, these people would know. RITE?

Julia: Johanna youre an ugly cow, see, you're getting all no's. They think you're a sif, you fag.
by no ships go July 25, 2005
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