To pillage, rifle through, search (in a thorough and rapid fashion.)
"The police rat-fucked my ride and busted me for a dime bag"
by Arcadian August 24, 2003
A low life scumbag that thinks the world revolves around them.
Danny is a slimey limey rat fuck
by Orlow Winker December 04, 2003
When someone cheats you out of something or mistreats you, and in either case the result is extremely irritating but not a major problem.

Yes, you're still getting fucked, but they're only rats with tiny penises, so it doesn't hurt as much.
When I finally arrived in Florida, I looked under my hood at the car repairs I had to get in East Bumfuck, Alabama, and I found out the guy rat fucked me for the price of a new alternator but just left the old one in.
by Fluffy Bunny Rabbit December 30, 2011
Originally the term was used in surfer culture for tricks on the waves causing a surfer to fall. The term was coyly taken by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth for his cartoon character Rat Fink, who had the letters "R.F." on his chest. Those in the know would realize that the name really meant this term.

It was resurrected by the "USC Mafia" in school elections before they joined the Nixon administration and perfected the practice; it means to utilize dirty tactics (i.e. stealing ballots, changing the time of events with organizers, etc.) in political campaigns to win at any cost. This practice eventually led to the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation.

Carl Rove is a true rat-fucker.
One staffer really rat-fucked a guy, he wrote a false and racist memo allegedly from a Democratic candidate in Florida. He fuckin' lost!
by Adam82 November 06, 2006
One package kool-aid cherry mix, 2 fifths rum, 1 fifth gin, 1 fifth vodka, 1 cup sugar, and some water.
Lets drink a bucket of rat fuck.
by Tom Larson II October 09, 2007
1. To turn cables, lines, wires, etc. into an impenetrable knotted mess by incompetent handling or accident.

Originally nautical in origin, from the rat's nest appearance of poorly handled lines and tackle.

2. Any device, system or operation that has been hopelessly ruined, usual by sabotage or misuse.

Also ratfuck.
1. Hey, what dipshit rat fucked this halyard?! I might as well throw the whole fucking mess to the fish.

2. Man, Billy-Bob sure rat fucked our plans to set up a meth lab in his trailer when the dipshit told Andy Taylor about it.
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005
The act or acts of completely ruining someones day, life, or overall belief of wellbeing.
Refer to "Cleveland Torpedo";
I am gonna rat-fuck your house when we party; I rat-fucked this girl the other night and left her stranded out in the middle of nowhere with my cum still in her hair; Driving by an Iraqi checkpoint at night I decided to rat-fuck them with my spotlight, thus night blinding them and illuminating them for the snipers
by Slayer 6 September 18, 2008

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