1. To turn cables, lines, wires, etc. into an impenetrable knotted mess by incompetent handling or accident.

Originally nautical in origin, from the rat's nest appearance of poorly handled lines and tackle.

2. Any device, system or operation that has been hopelessly ruined, usual by sabotage or misuse.

Also ratfuck.
1. Hey, what dipshit rat fucked this halyard?! I might as well throw the whole fucking mess to the fish.

2. Man, Billy-Bob sure rat fucked our plans to set up a meth lab in his trailer when the dipshit told Andy Taylor about it.
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005
Top Definition
Origin: USMC
To steal or disorganize items that do not belong to you.
Office: Don't let George ratfuck my files while I am gone next week.
Military: Who ratfucked the MREs?
by Whorton August 29, 2003
A military term. Refers to rooting through an assortment of items and only taking what you want/need. It usually involves opening up a package or something shrinkwrapped, taking the desired item(s) and leaving the rest behind for the next unsuspecting individual.

Term is used in the Infantry division of the Army when someone opens up an MRE (meal ready to eat) package and only takes the candy/cookies. This leaves the next person to a meal with no treat.
"Some asshole ratfucked my MRE and took the Tootsie Pop!"

"Who ratfucked the Costco potato chip assortment and only took the Doritos?"

"You dick. You ratfucked the mini-cereals and only took the Apple Jacks".
by Mrs. Stiteler June 19, 2009
To screw someone over or to take advantage of them. The lowest act known to man.
Not only did he steal my wallet, but he used my credit cards. He is a real rat fuck or he really rat fucked me.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
1. Slang. To rifle through something taking the one special part out of it leaving the dregs behind.

1940's era US Military, most likely the Army.

Related Forms
rat fucker, noun
1.We caught that fat profile bitch that stayed back in the tents rat fucking all the MRE's for the fatty cakes and candies!

2. Damn! My dad rat fucked all the cashews out of the mixed nuts again!
by dbldragons August 28, 2010
Latin: Rodendum Copuli--the least amount of concern you can express for any given act.
I don't give a rat fuck what she said,I did not fuck her sister!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
To win a political outcome through bullying, sabotage, arrogance and self-centredness.
"Those Chinese fuckers are trying to rat-fuck us," said Australian Prime Minster, Kevin Rudd.
by Linus12 June 07, 2010
To go through something looking for one thing only to leave the rest for the next poor bastard.
Brown rat fucked the the assorted cookies taking the chocolate chip ones and leaving the oatmeal
by bigious alious March 15, 2009
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