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A ghetto bitch, who vigorously twerks to 2chainz catching the eyes of the ratchet kings.
(commonly wearing a item of clothing from the brand 'ratchet' with a side accessory of a brooklyn beanie.)
Olivia looks swaggy in that ratchet jumper as she grinds on the wall, to gas pedal. Being bowed down to as the ratchet queen.
by Leona212212 February 11, 2014
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Ghetto people that get thier income taxes and feel like queens, especially spending on hood rat crap, going to restaurants flashing Thier income taxes, feeling superior for that short duration of time or as long as the money lasts them. especially found during February -april. Income tax season. More profound in the south, especially Haywood county in TN.
Omg she's being a ratchet queen spending all that on her self and not on her 5 kids.
by Wisesheep February 18, 2017
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