The act of simultaneous masturbation and defecation.
I woke up late today, so to save time I had a ratbat before work.
by Timesaver February 07, 2011
Top Definition
Bahamian slang for any Barcardi brand alcoholic beverage.
*Smooth goes into a bar*
Smooth: hey bartender, you gat any ah dat ratbat?
Bartender: Wah kind u wan? I got raz, apple, limon, and superior.
Smooth: Lemme get ah bottle ah dat razz man
Bartender: aight general
*sells him the ratbat*
by The Roach February 21, 2009
The abbreviation for 'rat bastard', similar in context to mofo, or mother fucker. The s in bastard was originally included in the term, making 'rat bast', but the letter quickly quiesced because of the rhyme scheme rat bat offered. The phrase has a tendency to be overused by the uneducated.

(adj) mother fuck'n, fuck'n, mug'n
being dirty, scheming, or treacherous, trifle'n, cantankerous

(n) rat bastard, mother fucker, fucker, mug
of being no good, a scoundrel or shithead
What the hell is a rat bat?" "You ya stupid rat bat.
by Rat-BatMan November 22, 2010
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