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Danny from Mcfly, superhero by night.
Ratman to the Rescue
by Craftybug September 14, 2004
6 10
A man who resembles a Rat, having perculiar large ears with a long tail. Normally light skinned in color with distinctive features such as glasses (to help reflect the satelite signals bouncing off it's huge earlobes).
Hey, theres a Ratman! Call the exterminator quick before it gets away!
by Furious Styles May 05, 2006
4 9
An automobile/motorsports afficienado specializing in the four wheel drive, off road vehicle.
Ratman just won the baja race.
by Oz July 13, 2003
2 13
roman freese squeek squeek
da da da da da da da da ratman squeek
by junior May 05, 2005
6 27