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Rat Legs is a common Zebulon, North Carolina way of sayin a chick has hairy legs. They be skinny and hairy like a rat's legs, dirty.
Yo shorty, you gots some rat legs.
Dude, that girl needs to shave dem rat legs!
by nickadoesit September 20, 2009
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1: A rats leg.

2: An alternative for a swearword.

3: Saying of the ledgendary Danny Jones of McFly.

1: Aww dude!! I just stood on a ratleg!!

2: Oh ratleg, I just dropped my toast!

3: 'I met Danny Jones' 'Really? What did he say?' 'Ratleg'
by Riot-Girrl- April 06, 2008
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One of Danny McFlys favourite words, also a nickname!
hey, Im Rat-Leg, or You're such a Rat-Leg
by anonymous2000 August 19, 2007
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