Extremely drunk, also used as a substitution for the word 'bothered'.
"Ah got so rat arsed last nigh' ah could barely see mah feet!"

"I'll talk to you before school tomorrow morning if I can be rat-arsed to get up on time."
by Canonboyo April 01, 2013
Extremely blootered as in pished or rubbered Used by musicians to describe their individual state of being during a performance.
Hi man! how did the gig go last night? I can't remember I was absolutely rat-arsed by the end.
by Dal's Heed May 09, 2008
1) To be intoxicated or piss drunk.

2) to have an anus with descending, wirey, long hair, similar to a rat. Also, often with a tail.
I got rat arsed.

You're rat arsed, and you have big teeth.
by Gumba Gumba March 10, 2004
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