1. as a verb > something mean someone has done
2. as a noun > someone who has done something mean
1. nah don't, that's rat !
2. you're such a rat !
by shawtay April 30, 2005
An old beaten-up motorbike, possibly second hand. Owners of motorbikes often affectionately call their crappiest bike 'The Rat'.
It's time I patched up the rat's exhaust pipe.

The rat broke down and I had to push it two miles to get home.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
The name for the penis
"Smoke my rat bitch"
"You're a rat-smoking homo"
by Drew Christx November 15, 2004
adj. short for turat, n. marijuana, herbals
"after the rat session we we're faded out of our gords"
by Mike Manning October 11, 2004
a Person who Goes around thinking their right an talking behind peoples back
Cru is such a rat says shit behind ppls back an not to their face half the time
by JennaJones June 12, 2004
The head basketball coach of the University of New Jersey at Durham. Commonly seen spewing profanities and whoring his daughters to the referees in order to collect preferential treatment. Occasionally seen with whiny players who are crying pathetically or picking their noses.
Yo, the rat is screaming for foul calls again. I hate that rat.
by Docjiles April 17, 2004
Dirty twat.
"Been to the clinic again, pissing pins"
by Ham March 24, 2004

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