A Ratrod is a traditional streetrod that are built the old fashion way. "BY THE OWNER" these cars are built for function, going fast and being free of the yuppie B.S. Anyone can buy a HOTROD thats what banks are for. Keep it real, no paint,no chrome,no problems!
If you cant build it fix it you shouldnt own it!
If you have to take your rod to a mechanic your not a rodder....
RATROD:Fast, Functional, Hand made, and driven!

HOTROD: shiny, expensive, useless, bought, trailered everywhere!

My $2500 rat rod will leave your $100,000 rod where it belongs, in the field. So maybe someday a real rodder will find it and turn it into a real rod! Have a nice day!
by DIRTYRAT October 19, 2007
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A car that's made out of scrap parts from multiple cars; no paint, rusty parts; looks like a junky hot rod
His rat rod's pieced together from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge parts.
by Valnar300 March 06, 2005
1. a hot rod that has been pieced together by junkyard parts.

2. a sort of "sleeper" car in which the looks of the car are actually downgraded to give the car an old beat up look, when it is in fact a fast car.
1. that rad rod was a total rust bucket and looked like shit

2. jimmy tried to race a crappy old civic last night and got smoked, it musta been a rat rod.
by wickednuclei August 10, 2006
Car that has been put together with junkyard parts and put together were inovation and determination and a little bit of creativeness. It is not just black paint and red wheels.
Look at the patina on that rat rod.
by Patina Ed October 19, 2007
A term overused to the point that it no longer represents the cars it originally described.
"I have a 1971 Chevy rat rod."


"Is that a rat rod?"

by Dreddybear May 19, 2007
A hot rod that has been built to be of a ratty nature and never to be of new quality. Commonly confused with a hot rod under construction.
"That rat rod has no floor board.. and never will"
by Wildthing 916 June 08, 2007
An unceremoniously modified old car, jalopy or rough hot rod. Ratrods are eternally works-in-progress, unpainted or primered, with special reverence paid to pre 1960's American iron, Yankee ingenuity, reckless driving, drag racing, juvinile deliquency and shade tree engineering. The driver smokes, his ballast looks like Betty Page, and he has a fortune tied-up in scratch.
Dick spends more time working on that old ratrod of his than he does up against my bare white ass. I wish he would play me more often so I'd know he loves me like his Ford.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
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