Top Definition
1. One sick fuck!
2. Pure shit!
3. Someone that disgusts all by physical appearance alone!
4. A grotesque motherfucker
5. Smelly bitch
"That Adam is one fuckin' rat lord sonuva bitch!"
"Oh, I know.. he's so sick!"
"I agree--he's pretty much dirt."
"Yeah, I know"
"Yeah that guy is disgusting!"
"He is a smelly bitch"
"One grotesque motherfucker if I do say so myself..."
"I think that he pretty much disgusts everyone by physical appearance alone..."
"He is pure shit!"
"One sick fuck man, one sick fuck..."
"I agree with all of the above, Adam sucks!"
"He smokes pole, I hear..."
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah dude, him and Josh Flahive...theyre like an item now..."
"Wow.. sick!"
"Yeah. Okay lets talk about that one shit head Peter Morrud now.."
etc. etc.
by 090909090909090 July 06, 2006

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