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1) A pejorative for a human test subject.
2) A person being controlled or observed by another as in a psychology experiment involving rats.
3) Someone, of low IQ or awareness, having trouble with an easy task or decision.
Hippy: There is no more privacy, man! You being online just gives Big Data everything they need to watch your every move!

Yuppy: You meant Big Brother, right?

Hippy: No, man. Big Brother would just take what he wanted, Big Data makes you WANT to give them what they want through slick technology. You're a rat in a maze, man! Don't you see?!

Yuppy: You're crazy! I have GOT to post this discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Let me take your picture with my camera phone for all my friends to see! But first let me finish ordering my Viagra online.
by Tenacious Faulker December 06, 2012
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