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A party where many people gather to smoke out of all different kinds of glass smoking apparatus, smoke joints and blunts, and eat different kinds of laced munchie foods in stations; about 10-15 g's devoted to each station. After all of the sticky icky is smoked, all guests then proceed to indulge in Italian food.
We had a rasta pasta last week when your were out of town. Sorry brah.
by MiChAeL SaErGe September 15, 2010
A dish of italian origin. Very Popular in Jamaica. They say that Bob Marley ate it every day. Consists of macaroni, tomato sauce, and some weed (basil or otherwise).
yo gimmy sum rasta pasta mon!
by Jakub Michalski March 02, 2007
Slang for Marijuana.
Bob Marley loved him some good Rasta Pasta.
by Dane Olson May 25, 2005