By saying this word, you claim some aforementioned thing. Synonyms: Dibs, "I call." Antonyms: "Nose goes."
*Situation* There is one slice of pizza left.

Frank: "Hey, there's one slice of pizza left..."

Donnie: "Rasta!"
.5 seconds later.
Jake: "...Rasta!"
Donnie: "Haha, mine loser"
by TristanKayakMan September 08, 2007
Any black person who is aware of his/her African roots. You don't necessarily have to be a RastafarI to be a Rasta.
Every true black person is rasta
by Dasekan Kamin Afameza December 26, 2010
A slang term for saying Yes,or Maybe
Usually Used when asking Yes or No questions
Girl: Do you have brown hair
(Brown Haired girl): Rasta!
by Rasta person May 05, 2011
1.Rastafarians, Religion first person shooters: teh "Rasta" style: controverse tactics, skilled and legendary.
He's so lame, cool and 1337... He must be x-Rasta? (NdMz,Grayfox,Springer,Cronos,ReXoR,Extinguisher,Dart,Tan,Frankeh,Striker,Teflon,Grimmreaper,ASS-asn,Obi-Yan,L3N0XX,Bahamut,Pietsnot,Raidz,Wish,Armzz,Fragripper,Kai,Co,Necromancer,Genestealer,Rasta-man,Diabolos,Forest,gothic,semtex,Drag0,PiKaO,LaRa,Dark-Eagle,DeathFenix,duck,KipPie,Jib,w00d)
by Karel Gruyen April 07, 2003
a person of the rastafarian religion or of Jumacian culture
"Where could I find some ganja, rasta man?"
by Anonymous December 11, 2002
The generic term for starchy foods for example rice and pasta.
Damn he's unhealthy, he's a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables. All he ever eats is rasta!
by Truuninja February 26, 2008
A Christian denomination/cult from Jamaica. They believe that Selassie (a Christian emperor of Ethiopia) was the second coming of Christ.

Rastafaris believe in the Bible, which they use to justify smokin weed.

They call God Jah (because that is the name the Bible gives Him. Psalm 68:4).
by Rasta September 08, 2003
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