Barbadian curse word can be a verb noun adjective.basically a very multipurpose curse word
This movie sucks it is a lot of rasshole.

oh rasshole i drop de rasshole glass in the rasshole ground. this rasshole could only happen to me like rasshole
by naylun March 13, 2005
Top Definition
commonly used in the caribbean especially by barbdians and jamaicans.generally a softer form for asshole.Can be used instead of fuck. Its is a very versatile word and can be used as

1.n. a really stupid person expresses shock,
3.can also me a womans vagina or ass

1.n. he is a rasshole What the rasshole!
3. Jimmy told Gina that he wanted to suck her rasshole
mind your rasshole
kiss my rasshole
suck your rasshole
What the rasshole that man just do(what the fuck that man just do.
by Allan June 04, 2004
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