anything you want it to be, especially used to fuck with peoples head.
hey, you got some rasmas around your mouth....
dude thats alot of rasmas for $10....
bro you just steped in a big pile of rasmas...
by chris iatridis92 October 10, 2007
Top Definition
An absolutely amazing person who is trying to live a life worth living while changing other's lives in the process. Someone whose name you may forget but will always remember for how they changed your life for the better.
Person 1: Hey dude! Have you ever met that Rasma chick?
Person 2: Nah who is she?
Person 1: Someone who will change your life for the better. You might not remember her name but you will always remember how she impacted your life and made it so much better.
Person 2: Actually I think I have met her. She was the best person I ever had the privilege of knowing.
by words not wars December 21, 2015
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