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A person born on the asian side of russia
Those crazy ol' rasians
by chrispy13 March 22, 2007
34 23
What happens to an asian when they get old: they get so small and shriveled that they look like a raisin.
My mom turned into a rasian after I came back from college, I was like whaaa?!
by sandwich128 July 14, 2011
7 4
a raging asian

a person from asian decent who gets annoyed easily and rages alot
"oi jono did you just see that liam kid he's a fukin rasian"

"there wasa kid named liam he was trying to karratti kick jackie chan wat a rasian"
by Anderson Powell November 06, 2008
11 8
A Random Asian
Hey, did you invite those Rasians to the party in Speakman 316?
by Delta Beta February 14, 2004
13 22
a ranga (red haired) asian
98% sure that youll pass the test unless your a rasian
by i dawg June 05, 2006
10 20