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An exclamation of feirce animalness, often used sexually, questioningly, or just randomly. Can be extended with extra a's to further affect.
"shes hawt, rargh."
"I'm a lion, raaaaargh"
by burntcustard March 23, 2009
What one says when pissed off or when something blows and isn't going your way when it should because of a big gay fag.
Me: Is she still going out with him?
Me's friend: Yep
by Rick February 14, 2005
a greeting, more commonly used in text messages, on facebook, or on an instant messanger service

text: Hi how are you?
reply text: rargh good thanks, you?
by agirlnotabird October 07, 2009
what gay lions do instead of roaring
RARGH! I'm a left wing liberal terrorist who believes in facsim!
by Canazza July 23, 2003
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