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1. One who expresses himself through the urban street poetry form called "rap". 2. A formerly unique form of black urban street cultural expression now completely neutered and watered down as rendered part of the safe timid white mainstream thanks to big business. It's gone from an attitude and a method of expressiong your troubles, woes and worries to an image that sells everything from phones to fast food. When McDonalds is using rap as part of its advertising campaign, it's time to pull the sheet over the patient's eyes, the spirit has long since departed.
Eric described himself as a rapper even though he isn't black and can't rhyme to save his life.
by dan January 26, 2004
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An urban poet. One who speaks in rhythmn and rhyme over various beats or instrumentals.
by eyekon January 09, 2003
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Someone who writes and recites an art that very few people can master, and sadly, very few rappers have talent and are rich and famous regardless off of apparel and bullshit 'gangsta rap'. The misconception is "rap" does NOT mean "gangsta rap", that's just what the common consensus uprooted from talentless pricks like those members of N.W.A.

You can't recommend an artist in a definition for this for all the idiots who did, because rap has many forms of art, not just the ones you see fit to be heard. For instance, I like rappers like Eminem and Wordsworth because they do the impossible with being able to rhyme the same phrase over and over. Other people might like Andre Benjamin from OutKast because he's very poetic.

Sadly, most rappers will talk about women like sex-objects and other senseless shit like that, and that shit just has to end. They get the impression that they're really pharaohs, projecting the image that they're superior and it sickens the hell out of me... A lot of people think that's what art is, so I guess I can't judge, but it's pathetic regardless. Prove me wrong.

Whatever the case, most intellectual people who really enjoy rap or produce it themselves (even if they pretty much only do it for a hobby like me) don't ever listen to a rapper for their trash-talk about the common trends. They listen to rappers who actually hold a portion of the art (even IF they're gangsta rappers, that's just not WHY they'd listen) in them and orchistrates it beautifully.

An artist can create magic, whether through a paint-brush or music, and a real rapper can beautifully illustrate a mental image like a painter can beautifully illustrate a visual image.
"Man, PLEASE turn that Ludacris bullshit off and put on some real rap!"
by Cerb3rus May 23, 2005
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Rap,Started out back in the late 70's with some old school rhymes that had cool flows but lyrics were normally freestyled.(freestyling is where you come up with words off the top of your head and make them rhyme and sound good.)In the early 90's rap was highly respected with emcees like,Magtronix,De La Soul,Run DMC,2pac,Biggie,etc.Now a days since about 2002 it all changed..rappers started changing. and the highly respected rappers were forgotten and lyricism was abandonned...thats when Ja Rule,50 cent,Juvenile,and a few other rappers got hyped up on Money,Women,Vehicles,and Bling...and Underground wasn't referred to really at all...such as artists like immortal technique and Jedi Mind Tricks...they all concentrated on 50 cent and thought they were all rap is...well thats wrong...Commercial rap and Underground what there divided into....Commercial rap consists of Signed artists who make money of basic lyricsism..although there are a few good commercial rappers (ie:Nas,Talib Kweli,Common)...But most are fake like 50 cent and Ja Rule and quite a few others..COUGH*CHINGY*COUGH....and underground rappers which consist of some signed and some unsigned rappers who concentrate on lyricism and being who they really are more then Sex,Alchohol and more commercial type lyricsism..I still wonder what will happen in rap next....
*BAD* Commercial Rap:50 Cent,Chingy,J-Kwon,Ja Rule,Juvenile,Manny Fresh,etc.

*GOOD* Commercial Rap:Nas,Talib Kweli,Common,etc.

Underground Rapper(s)-Jedi Mind Tricks,Kj-52,Grits,John Reuben,Eyedea and Abilites,Immortal Technique,Ill Bill,Necro....

Stereotypical Talkin By a person associated with hip hop:YO DAWG WHATS CRACKIN ON THE SIX FOUR OF YOUR IMAPLA..most (rap)heads do not talk like stfu.....thank u
by James Roy March 04, 2005
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for the most a category of musicians that at one point in time were very talented(some still are), now though, rappers are spreading like the Ebola virus. it seems with just a spreadsheet of slang terms, some fubu, and criminal rap sheet, anyone can be a rapper.
"yo, ya her bout pookie? he got arrested for shooting someone outside the club then stealing thier car and running over a small child, while raping a handi-cap person"

"wow dawg dats ruff, what did he in prison?"

"Of Cousre not...Russell simons stopped by bailed him out and cut him a record deal."

"wow fat B...but pookie can't rap"

"so...he got a criminal record man! he don't need to know how to rap...look at fitty"
by bizz March 05, 2004
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greedy black bastards, that rap about how hard they had it back in the day before they became famous. However they make no effort to donate money to the black community to make sure that no other black person has to endure what they endured. They also sing about nothing else but women, wealth, and violence.
rap and it's culture is so screwed up I dont even know where to begin!
by poomanchu April 28, 2004
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One who has suffered massive brain damage through a combination of gunshot wounds to the head and usage of crack-cocaine. Rarely do they speak english, or speak in a way that normal human beings can understand. They have invented their own, un-official language, referred to as "Ebonics", or Gibberish. Also related to language is the term "nigga" that is often used by rappers to refer to their friends, or people they don't like, without any change in context. They commonly refer to white people as "crackers", and this is fully accepted. If a non-black man was to say "nigga", he would be tried in court for a hate crime (probably killed in a drive-by before he reached the court house though).

They resort to talking really fast about how hard being a pimp is and what bitches they have slapped and caps they have popped, always over stolen songs from real musical artists. They usually die from being shot in drive-by shootings, or trying to swin while wearing 127 lbs. of gold and platinum plated jewelry, including, but not limited to:

-Marijuana leaves
-Full sized clocks
-Olde English font letters representing their fake names

Most rappers exagerate how "gangsta" they are, by repeating their names 3 to 400 times during the length of a "song". They also leave out the fact that they are so gangsta, yet are owned by a bunch of old rich white guys, probably with english accents.

The subject matter for rap "songs" contains at least 3 of the following topics:

-the rappers name
-what crimes the rappers thinks he's committed
-the "niggas" he has supposedly killed (popped, capped, etc...)
-how many "bitches" the rappers has slapped
-how famous the rapper is
-how famous the rappper thinks he is
-his gun
-the fact that he can "spit mad rhymes" over stolen music
-how hard being a pimp/gangsta/thug/black man/wigger is

These are only some of the borderline-retarded ideas these morons come up with.

For more information on the hemmorhage-causing phenomenon we know as "Rap", simply look outside, on TV, on the radio, in the news, at your dog, or at San Andreas.

Lastly, a tip from our old friend Chris Rock. If you want to kill someone and get away with it, just stick a demo tape in their pocket when their dead. the police will find the body and the tape and write it off as a rap killing. The body will probably then be incinerated and the police will look into it now more than that.

Some famous rappers include: 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Ying Yang Twins, Kanye West, etc...
by Spatter Artist February 18, 2006
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