Someone who will force sex upon you. So if you see one... RUN! Who cares if he has puppies!
Rapist: do you want to see my puppies? They're in my van...

You: *runs away*
by Peoples of the world November 11, 2015
Disgusting excuse for a human being that forces himself on a woman that does not want to engage in sexual contact with this person. Consider someone saying "don't fucking touch me" and "get the fuck away from me" as a decline of sexual advances.
Melvin Perez is a fucking rapist, he tried to take advantage of a sleeping girl covered in throw up.
by Eeeeeeewwwwwweee December 22, 2015
A boy named mike who go's sober to partys and convinces drunk grade nines to sleep with him
Mike is a Rapist aat partys
by yournotreal January 27, 2009
A rapist is someone who will rape your mind. They try to physically or psychologically abuse you for their own enjoyment. They are an abuser or RAPIST of the body or mind.
Vital is known as the neighborhood rapist.
by lotter January 25, 2008
when a person forces himself or herself upon one another.
josh gets raped by his volger brother brandon!
by josh kohtz September 29, 2003
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