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A person who uses force to assault another person, adult or child, male or female, in a sexual manner. Usually commited by males, but female rapists are not un-known and are often accesories for a male rapist.

Can also mean any destructive act on property or environment.
1. Men can be raped.
2. Settlers quickly raped the land for resources.
by Ki January 30, 2005
Nasty fuckers who like to fuck poeple who dont want to fuck them back
People try to get away from the nasty fucks and the raper holds them down.
She tried to get away but the dirty fucking rapist wouldnt let her go
by Katrina Altona November 08, 2005
Ravager assaulter pillager intentional sexual terrorist
A rapist should be imprisoned for life with no time allowed for good behaviour. I would vote for the political party that introduces a law allowing women to publically stone rapists to death on Fridays. I feel all such events should be televised nationally.
by St. Ias September 16, 2005
Someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse(rape) also known as sexual assault. Rape is generally considered a serious sex crime and a crime against humanity. Male rapists under one theory are motivated to rape woman not because of sexual urges but have the need to control or dominate them. Different types of rape are date rape, gang rape, marital rape or spousal rape, prison rape, acquaintance rape, war rape and statutory rape.
Convict: A Croatian, he is a convicted rapist who has never served time for his crimes.

Police: We are working hard to catch this serial rapist who has now struck ten times, nine of those over the past three months.
by inForming June 26, 2009
One who rapes/molests.
Your uncle Steve.
by Jesse Maddox February 14, 2003
A sexist, sadistic, human being, who forces him/her self on a guy/girl, I know a few friends who were raped, but i still cant imgaine their pain and suffering from what happened to them. Rapists should be shot down on sight. Rapists shouldent be allowed to live. Man or Woman...burn them all.
Girl: -crying-
Cop: i understand how hard this is, but you have to tell us what happened, tell us who the rapist is
by Soul Cal September 16, 2009
A sick freak that is the worst kind of person in the world next to a child molester. Contrary to belief, rape isn't about sex, but about a feeling of control and power over someone (most often a woman) Rapists fall in between child molester (the worst) and terrorist (the third worst) in the top ten SCUMBAGS list
Earl: Hey, Scott, did you hear about Douglas

Scott: No, what about him?

Earl: He was arrested for rape, and plead guilty

Scott: Rapists are worse than terrorists

Earl: Yup, indeed they are.
by fanboys of anything suck dick November 29, 2010