To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
The forced act of sexual intercourse, fingering, inappropriate touching.
Rape is defined as unwanted sexual acts that involve penetration, be it with the penis or finger, in the vaginal region, or the anus.
Often violent, and the key term to remember is UNWANTED.
It is a crime, extremely traumatizing. It will always leave a scar, mentally.

It is not caused by the women "asking for it", dressing scantily, or being pretty. Sex offenders do what they like, raping little girls, teenage girls, women, anyone. I'm not saying that only girls get raped. No, males do as well, and their burden is the idea that "Men don't get raped". If anything, when a guy and girl both go to court, each saying that the other raped them, the court will sway towards to the female's side. It is only rational that men be the offenders, not a female. (Sarcasm, of course. We need a font for it, because it is NOT rational at all.)
1. Person 1: "Did you hear? Alice was raped!"
Ignorant bastard: "What are you talking about? Alice is ugly/a slut/asking for it."
2. Person 1: "Oh, my God! Jimmy was raped by his girlfriend last night!"
Ignorant bastard: "That's a lie! Jimmy's a guy, and guys can't get raped. If anything he used her."
by Emmery August 11, 2011
Many perceive rape as an act in which the perpetrator merely wants to sexually and/or swiftly gratify themselves. Therefore, how can it be so traumatising?

A number of rapists will use any verbal, physical means they can to make the victim feel as degraded as possible. Inflicted degradation is how they stimulate a sense of power over the victim, as well as (possibly) a form of externally sadomasochistic, sexual gratification.

Such methods include degrading language (worthless, cunt, slut,) sodomy, urination, defecation, spitting, slapping, hair-pulling and weaponry.

This is made more effective by the victims body being biologically self-stimulating during rape, regardless of resistance.

When women are raped, they’re being conversely reminded of how men have and in some cases still perceive women. Weak, stupid, sexual objects.

Some women are aware of the implications while BEING raped. Potential pregnancy, injustice (victim-blaming) and the intolerance they may receive. Such knowledge causes the experience to be even more upsetting.

These things are what embody the horror of rape.

It’s not solely the experience, It’s the numerous implications and how rape victims are treated by society.

It also infuriates me when people insinuate that all female rape victims become strong.

By suggesting women who recover are strong, they’re surreptitiously suggesting those who don’t are weak, presumably in order to degrade the disquiet the implications of rape causes them.
Bob: Are rape victims cowering under their beds? No, they become strong women.

Jamie: You’re exhibiting an unconscious form of cowardice and disrespect towards the subject, you prick.
by LLLookAtYouHacker June 22, 2012
To override another human being’s basic human right to his or her own body by using a sexual means.

Technically rape can mean vaginal, anal or oral sex forced on another. Recently finger, tongue or foreign object in the vagina or anus has also been classified as rape.

If a woman has been raped by a man it is likely she cannot understand why any women have the desire to repeat the acts she was forced to endure.
Often men and women who are raped will try to hide the fact and have extreme difficulties adapting to life following the rape. Some can readjust to life sooner than others depending on whether or not anything happens to the rapist as a punishment to bring justice to the victim. The support network and level of understanding from those closest to victim is also crucial.
If vaginally raped, the woman may not like this part of herself anymore and take steps ie. Chastity belt to prevent this from happening again.

If orally raped by a man it can be very complicated because oral sex is typically about pleasing a man and used as a degrading term in society with insults such as “you suck” and references to the act in rap music and so on. Oral sex could be seen as an arrogant expectation men have of women. As an act of submission on the women’s behalf and an objectifying way of putting oneself though something humiliating at no benefit for the woman, to relieve the man of a simple desire. Like an object. If a woman is forced into and humiliated in an oral rape act it would be very difficult for her to make friends with girls knowing they choose to do this and knowing most men have the desire to have the act performed on them.

To be anally raped falls into a similar context to oral rape. It is seen as something embarrassing and joked about in society. This can be very upsetting for the victim if he or she is constantly reminded of the rape. There is a sense of embarrassment, isolation and helplessness and the victim will often feel very lonely.
by JakeUSA.00193 May 19, 2013
Any act of a sexual nature done to a person without first getting consent/permission ( that person saying yes)
Includes: "surprise anal sex"
Includes:" Harlem Struggle" and all of the other urban definitions of rape that are posted on this site as sex acts.
A man who performs the "Harlem Struggle" on a woman is guilty of turning a consensual oral sex act into an act of rape.

A man who performs "surprise anal sex" has just anally raped a woman/man.
by yumicpcake June 30, 2013
Forced sexual intercourse between any two people. Women are capable of raping men and men are capable of raping women. Today, the main group being raped by adults and teenagers are adolescents. Many people only think that only women can be raped, but this is not true. Men rape women mostly by either drugging them or physically beating them until they give in. This is a very traumatic and painful experience for anyone. Women rape men mostly by drugging them or blackmail, or by physically overpowering younger males. When people say that men can't be raped, they normally say: "They probably liked it" when they are presented with the argument of a grown women raping an adolescent boy. No one likes being raped. If someone likes it, that would defeat the purpose of it being a rape. And to say that would be outright sexism, which feminazis use to back up their hatred towards men. This is the second worst crime against humanity, the first is murder. I hope Jesus will give all rapists a slap in the back of the head and damn them to hell for eternity.
Prosecution Lawyer: Maurice, who raped you?
Maurice: The woman who raped me's name is Alexis Stone.
Judge: Alexis Stone; for the rape of Maurice Norton; you are hereby found guilty.
by Mr. Clarity December 11, 2014
Something horrible that needs to get more attention brought on it, I was raped by my dad.
My dad raped me... untill I shot his dick off
by Spartan 69 September 29, 2014
Forced Sex. As if someone forcing another into having sex.
Drugs such as chlorophome may be used to achieve this
Man: I was sent to jail for rape..
by AirForceGirl August 06, 2014

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