Something a rapist blows when they spot their next victim.
I blew my rape whistle as soon as I spotted her, but I was across the parking lot so she had time to get away.
by kendopt4 July 27, 2011
Top Definition
a whistle you blow if you are getting raped...or maybe before you get raped...or are just in an awkward situtation
Jenni is raping me. I should blow my rape whistle to prevent this
by justin myers August 25, 2006
whistles on backpacks, specifically those of North Face backpacks, that can be blown in situations of sexual disgust, danger, or discomfort. In addition, the rape whistle is used to intimidate a girl and let her know that she is ugly.
A: Yeah...I had to blow the rape whistle today in school

B: why?

A: I was walking down the hallway and some ugly bitch walked by
by sauce kid February 22, 2009
A whistle that when blown, strikes fear into crazy mad man and often means he isn't getting laid today.
Shit! She blew her rape whistle! I will run to the alley and beat off furiously!
by Jaaque August 20, 2007
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