the act of dominating a person or group of people in an event in which he/they were virtually helpless and thus could not contain you
We just put on a rape party against that pussy pack
by k rom July 18, 2008
Top Definition
1. An actual party with rape involved

2. a large quantity of rape

3. Something that is just so awesome that you can't explain it any other way
1. The duke rape party

2. -"did u see all those rockets hit that truck"
-"yea it was like a rape party"

3. -"hey man how was the mosh pit?
-"it was a fucking rape party in there!"
by Nofomg October 23, 2007
Trust me. It's amazing. You'll get caught up in it.
Rape party!!! You'll get caught up in the... Rape Party!!!.... Rape Party! Rape Party!! RAPE PARTY!!!!!
by I'M NYCEEEEEEEE!!!!!! December 03, 2008
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