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a demonized look in the eye that usually occurs when an old nasty mane is looking at a fine ass young bitch.
the rape look is commonly given by GIs when they see a peice of ass. niggas and mezicans are born masters of the rape look. they can be seen staring at ass and titties all day with the evil rape look in their eye. if you happen to see a nigga/gi/old mane/mehicano giving you the rape look run for yo goddamn life!

note: the rape look is often followed by biting of the lower lip. advanced cases involve crotch grabbing or grunting.

if you notice a GI giving you the rape look
1. do not aproach
2. do not accept any drinks. (they contain rufies)
3. get the fuck up outa thurr and tell yo big bros to roll on dem foo's
"jesus christ that fucking nigga just gave me the rape look from HELL! and his mezican homie can stop starin at our titties. Time to dip out girl, or we bouts ta get our bootyholes VIOLATED!"

by FUCK BUSH UP THE ASSHOLE February 01, 2008
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