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When someone purchases a lap dance for an unwilling recipient, or when the dancer of the aforementioned dance is undesirable in body type, gender, ethnicity, or hygiene.
"I just bought Mike a rape dance from that humongous stripper over there, he's going to be pissed."


"Honey, I know I promised that I would not buy a lap dance - but my friend pooled their money and got me a rape dance"
#dance #rape-dance #stripper #strip club #lap
by Palominofun September 24, 2013
The act of forcefully interacting with a female on the dance floor by continuing to follow her until she is stuck in a corner. Usually done by a redheaded fellow who likes sunglasses, the dance consists of feet placement wider than shoulder length, an outward placement of the hips with shoulders drawn back, and the swaying of the lower body side to side. It is the best of all modern "grind" type dances.
Did you see that dude last night, the redheaded guy? Did you see him fucking rapedance all over that girl? It was awesome!
#dance #grind #jig #juke #dance moves
by Redgustus September 21, 2010
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