the best music ever.
you got lil jon
wat bout scrappy
and 50 cent
by stephen February 15, 2005
The whipping boy of the music world for obnoxious posers who wish they had something intelligent to say.
Poser- Oh God! Is that rap you're listening to? That shit is the w-
Me- Listen, fuckwad- You go lose your virginity, then maybe we'll talk.
by jonzo the weasel March 28, 2006
The best type of music, where harsh lyrics are combined with tight beats to create the best form of music.
Some Famous Rappers Are Tupac, Bone Thugs-n-harmony, Outlawz, and Eminem that filthy white shit
by Tupac2003 December 20, 2002
When someone says a terribly written poem about doing illegal things really fast with a 3 second tune and overwhelming bass looping in the background.

And they call it "Music"
Guy 1 : Are you listening to music?
Guy 2: Yes
Guy 1: What genre?
Guy 2: Rap
Guy 1: That really shows how intelligent you are
by Fixor of society July 22, 2015
What we 60's hipsters called talking long before hip hop, gangste rap,Def Poets, (which I enjoy) etc.
Hey man. Let's grab a table, get some espressos and rap. OR I was rapping with my cousin the other day ... OR I'm busy now. Can we rap later?
by Wordzy December 03, 2014

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