A form of terrible mainstream music that is belted in high school parking lots across the country. This form of music takes no musical skill, or even the ability to pronounce words correctly (Lil Jon). Whereas Hip Hop is the purest form of music in which artists such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Black Star, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots etc. use amazing lyrical talent to spread their message of change and hope for many problems accross the world. If you still think rap and Hip Hop are the same, then do you consider Nickelback and Megadeth to be in the same genre; rock?
Person A: Why are you listening to rap? Person B: I'm not listening to rap, I'm listening to Hip Hop, there is a very large difference.
by Truthiness September 04, 2007
True rap or "real" rap is not the junk you see flooding MTV/VH1/BET all the time. That kind of rap, or "corporate hip-hop" was originally conspired on by the rich white men that control all the major record labels in order to continue controlling violence and hate in the youth of each generation, especially black youth culture. Posers like 50 Cent, The Game, Ja Rule and others who could use their position to rap about anything other than black-on-black and gang violence instead squander their opportunities by creating beefs with other equally untalented poser wannabe artists and carrying guns wherever they go with eighty hangers-on they like to call their entourage. They strive to be "gangsta" but will always be just a bunch of punks with shiny guns who would never even think of settling disputes with their fists like real men, or heaven forbid, talking it out like adults. True rap and hip-hop comes from the soul, expressing feelings and emotions through the beat and heartfelt lyrics that don't encourage the youth of today to join a gang, arm themselves to the teeth, sell and consume as many narcotics as possible, become an alcoholic and abuse every woman you come across. Did Otis Redding ever threaten to do a drive-by on Marvin Gaye? When did Al Green shoot up a night club because Isaac Hayes happened to be there? Never. These jackasses on top of the charts these days only prove that the youth of today is slowly devolving before our very eyes.
MF Doom. Talib Klewell. Mos Def. Tupac. Wu-Tang.

If you want real rap, start there.
by loogenhausen February 21, 2006
Rap is the product of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiots that have jumped onto a bandwagon of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiot clones. An entire genre of morons who are insanely jealous of the REAL musicians of the world that can actually SING or play an INSTRUMENT.

These 'rappers', idiots having no identifiable skills or talents whatsoever, have gone so far as to invent their own unintelligible language, (having ran out of REAL words to rhyme with...) creating a need for a website such as this.

That's right, this website... dedicated to inventing definitions for the cRAP that comes out of their mouths.

These 'rappers' and their clones have invented their own retarded image of what they consider 'cool', which consists of wearing extremely baggy clothing in the most ignorant and laughable ways possible. Hats upside down and backwards or cocked to the side, pants pulled down around the ankles with boxers pulled up above their nipples.

Meanwhile... in mansions far far away...

White businessmen nationwide are making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of these idiots, ALLOWING these rap "artists" to believe that their crap is some sort of "rebellious musical uprising", when in reality, these idiots are blindly programming their fellow 'rapping population' that a car just isn't a car unless it has the most insanely expensive (ehem) pointlessly dumbass rims possible.

Oh, yeah, and if you spend all your rap money on retardedly huge gold rings and watches and chains, (bling) you'll be the super duper most awesomest pimptatious blackalicious cool rapper evar!!!

Idiots. Let's add up how dumb you are.

HOW HARD IS IT... to sit down and write a few paragraphs filled with rhyming words? They don't even have to be REAL WORDS! Idiots! To top it off, (as if it weren't already easy enough...) you don't even have to learn to play an instrument! There's NO SKILL INVOLVED! AT ALL! NONE! ZERO! ZILCH! NADA.

It's a freaking DRUM MACHINE for god's sake. You PUSH BUTTONS to make a beat. WOWWW! Neat! You're a REAL musician now, huh! Oh, hey... don't forget to steal parts of songs from real musicians! That way, you won't have to bother learning that wack six-stringed thingamabopper that dem white muh-fuckas play. Juz loop it an den iz all good, nawmsay'n.

Pretend like it's yours.

And let's not forget the incredible messages you convey with your mastery of the microphone's on/off switch: "Thong th-thong thong thong. Yago make me lose mah mind up in eah... up in eah! Yago make me act a FOOL up in eah."

Hey. Don't blame Yago. You do it to yourself. You ignorant bastards.

All of you. Each and every crap 'artist' out there.

Oh, and that's a swell walk you've got goin there. Did the dumb drip down into your leg, setting you off balance?
Big booty shakin in da hizzy dizzy fizzy fo shizzy.
40oz. drippin from my lips, glocks be fulla clipz.

Insert an "aww yeah" and "uhh huh" between every 6 and 8 words, allowing for the 'n-word' between every 3. I know, rap sucks.

And I simply cannot stress this enough... if at ANY POINT you have the opportunity to replace an 's' with a 'z', juz do it. "Izzle" be yo friend yawmsay'n?

by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005
Obviously all white, rock loving, rednecks, wrote about 95% of all these pathetic, judgemental definitions. Obviously all those people listened to a little bit of music from 50 Cent for about 1 minute, and officially said: "Rap is full of shit, its not music, its just talking, no talent, and its all about drugs, sex, violence, gangs, guns, rape, money, hoes, pimps, and all that shit."

That is Buuulllllshiiiit! 50 Cent has no talent anymore. So stop listening to 50 Cent and saying this is fake ass bullshit.

These assholes need to listen to some 2Pac, Eminem, and Jay-Z. 2Pac made a song called: Keep Ya Head Up. Its very postive and has nothing at all to do with drugs, sex, and violence. Eminem made a song: Mockingbird. Nothing involving drugs and sex. Jay-Z made a song: December 4th. All about his life, and a very nice song. All abosolutely clean of everything people assume is in rap. I hate it when people who have never even listened to at the most, 2 minutes of rap in their whole lifetime, assume that its always negative. Plus rapping is a lot more than just talking. And it does require talent. To be rapping is to be rhyming poetry very quickly and loudly, to a beat, in a rhythm (which is the hardest part), in a stressed to unstressed form.

Now how can you call that JUST talking?

Writing good lyrics and making good beats are very hard and essential to an excellent rap song.
Rap is music. Very real and entertaining.
by aguynamedandy July 28, 2005
A moronic pile of dog vomit trying to be passed as a type of music even though it has no instruments, singing, or talent. It usually consists of a black male talking or mumbling into a microphone using every curse word imaginable while a pre-recorded track plays in the background. Rap fans claim that it’s a form of poetry but they are dead wrong. Poetry is poetry, rap is garbage. Most fans also claim that rap has good meaning but they again are wrong, and frankly I don’t give a shit about how rap used to be because we are in the 2008 now kiddies. Rap doesn’t have a good meaning; it instead has turned our youth into a bunch of idiotic jerks who like to think that baggy pants, cursing, and violence is cool.

“Niggas screw they face up at me
On some real shit son they don't want beef
I cock that, aim that shit out the window
spray till there ain't a shell left in my heat
Ya niggas better lay down, yea i mean stay down
Get hit wit 8 round - ya ass ain't gonna make it
You niggas'll get laid out, yuh blood and ya brains out
Have ya on the concrete shiverin' and shakin' ...
I'm from Southside motherf**ker”

This, along with any random excerpt from any rap song every created, shows how idiotic rap is. It reeks with violence, profanity, and barely understandable language. All the while the artists are making millions of dollars while contributing nothing worthwhile to today’s society. It is a downright outrage that this genre is even popular because it is not one bit appealing to the eardrum.
Todays youth is blinded by rap.
by Eddie Krz February 04, 2008
A horrible genre of music that makes black people specifically black men look bad. The reason it is horrible is not because of the music itself but the culture that is associated with it. It is everything that is wrong with the african american community. It is one of the reasons that blacks are not doing as well as whites (not because the white man "brings us down") We bring ourselves down. It also spreads the stereotype that ALL black people listen to it, overshadowing the blacks who have varying taste in music. It is also one of the reasons that blacks (particulary males) who are educated, speak well, don't walk down the street screaming out rap songs, dress nice and are respectful of women are looked down upon by their own race and called "oreos" becasue they don't like rap. Rap may be a unique form of music that is associated with african american culture but the culture it creates is one of the worst things to happen to the black community. Oh yes, I am a BLACK guy who speaks well, dresses nice, is respectful and DOES NOT LIKE RAP.
I listen to classical music, draw in my spare time, like going to museums, appreciate fine design, reading and respecting women for who they are, not what can be done physically to them and want to be wealthy and successful in a way that does not involve drugs, basketball and rap. Because this is OPPOSITE of what rap says a black man should be, I am disrespected by my own race and called names like oreo and gay because of this, and black women don't want to be with me. And people wonder why I am sometimes pissed that I have brown skin. The reason surely isn't "The white man!"White people are nicer to me than my own race!!
by Matt2 March 24, 2007
1. Acronym for RETARDS ATTEMPTING POETRY. It used to stand for Rhythm and Poetry before 50 cent.

2. A genre of music that could be defended five years ago before the arrival of 50 cent.
1. Ahahaha...look at em rappers! They suck monkey balls!

2. Rap used to have soul...rap used to have meaning...now it's just a P.O.S.
by Jay Ay See June 10, 2006
a genre of music. usually hated by rich white people who dont even know what poverty is. i must say to most of you rock fans, rap fans almost never say anything about rock, yet u try to demean rap with the most pathetic excuses to support your favorite music which are all based on STEREOTYPES. let me name a few:

1) "rappers can't sing, so they speak" (THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SPEAK! ITS POETRY!)

2) "rappers always talk bitch about sex, drugs, violence" (STEREOTYPE!!! and it is not true. i can already name one who doesnt: kanye west)

3) "the music is not natural" (who gives a fuck?) remember rock fans, a guitar is natural, not an electric guitar that is fucked up by that distorted sound

4) "rappers moan about their lives" WRONG. alot of rappers are positive, every rock song i listen to is about negative shit (even though The Used scream and dont even ryhme and the music disorients me, i admire them for thier deepness into music) a funny thing is that most rappers are raised in poverty and so were The Used.
two people are fighting about which music is better:

1st guy: i like rock

2nd guy: i like rap

1st guy: you suck, why do you listen to that garbage, who cares about those blacks and thier poverty?

2nd guy: hey, The used is a rock band and they were raised in poverty too

1st guy: why do you listen to people talking about sex, drugs, violence


1st guy: well, rockers have talent to play thier own instruments

2nd guy: ya, but they need eachother to play together, otherwise they cant play, but lyricists and rappers dont need anybody, the talent is in thier lyrics and mind, unlike rockers who dont need a brain to scream, slam on drums, and smash guitars after a concert! at least rap has a beat and rythm!

1st guy: uhhh... well... only niggas make rap, white people make rock and they are superior (similar to what most people post on the website)

2nd guy: wtf
by america is fucked July 18, 2005

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