A form of terrible mainstream music that is belted in high school parking lots across the country. This form of music takes no musical skill, or even the ability to pronounce words correctly (Lil Jon). Whereas Hip Hop is the purest form of music in which artists such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Black Star, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots etc. use amazing lyrical talent to spread their message of change and hope for many problems accross the world. If you still think rap and Hip Hop are the same, then do you consider Nickelback and Megadeth to be in the same genre; rock?
Person A: Why are you listening to rap? Person B: I'm not listening to rap, I'm listening to Hip Hop, there is a very large difference.
by Truthiness September 04, 2007
The rap on (MTV) is truly PISS (and I have the same opinion about almost everything on MTV, so I'm not being '(racist)'. I am a '(hater)' but that's because I hate (mainstream) bullshit of every kind).
(50 Cent) - how the fuck did this bland loser get so popular. G-Unit my ass.

BUT, I know a few real, underground rappers, and these guys I DO respect a lot. They do it for the love, and it's genuine expression. It's *almost* poetry (no it ain't like conventional poetry at all people - rap doesn't translate well on paper, but neither do any music lyrics).

50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, etc are all shit
So's everything on MTV
But there's good rap out there, you just have to look deeper for it.
by Bliss Me Up March 25, 2006
I dont realy know much shit bout rap but i know that loads of people have different interpretations of the meaning. I heard by one of my friends whos been a MC for around 8 yrs that it means (Rhythmic Artisic poetry. Common is what you call a rapper, Kanye is what you call a rapper, because they talk like poets in their lyrics. Others like 50 cent......What a fucking dickhead....I think he's sooo hypocritical...I think i have only heard 1 or 2 songs in all his albums that say something positive like ''too much violence or get rid of guns.'' He always cares about how gangsta he is or how much of a badboy he is, and how much cash he can fit in his trousers. Rappers like common and Kanye West are who i look up to. On Kanye's album, he has one song where he is talkin bout how much he cares for his mum, and what she has done for him when he was a child, and so on and so forth.....Do you ever see 50 cent doing that..NOO
The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world....So we gota do sumin special with it...Not just talk bout how much of a badman someone is?...Thats probaly how Ja rule and 50 got into Beef with each other, By being violent, or cussing each other.
I live in England and most people over here are MC's. They always chat about how much cars they have and how much of a badman they are. Its soo silly...YOu cant make it in the music business by saying how much of a gangsta you are....it's been brought up from Gangsta rap....I fucking hate it.
Its true that violence sells.It realy does...Anti-violence music does sell...a little bit...But its nothing compared to violent music....Im trying to figure out how the fuck we're gona get the violent music out of the business. If anyone else has anything to comment on my entry, please do. Feel free.....
I dont have no rap examples
by Disciple89 November 07, 2005
Rap is a form of art. It is a genre of music which includes strong beats, singing, and often looping sounds.

Rap is often a thing people use to help concentrate*. Many athletes listen to rap before a sporting event to be able to concentrate.

Something needs to be realized about rap, and that is that it doesn't suck. People scattered across the internet are assuming the following:

"I haven't listened to rap..."

"I am assuming rap isn't good..."

"I am assuming that all it includes is talking really fast into a microphone..."

"Rap sucks."

Yet, these same, ignorant, people are the people who get upset when other people complain about rock and/or metal. They are saying that "Rap is a stoopidz from od "mosic," and generalizing that. Then, people say, "In my opinion...well, I don't know...rock is a good genre of music, but I kind of prefer rap..."

What happens now?


Hyposricy ensues. Arguments such as "that is generalizing**" occur all the time. Other arguments such as "Like 0mgz r4p promotes sex, violence, gang warfare, drugs..." Yet, this always makes me laugh. Has anyone realized that rock promotes committing suicide? As stated before, hypocrisy is exemplified.

More hypocrisy is found when you realize most people posting here WANT sex...

A majority of people posting as a "definition" of rap are the one's who are ignorant about it.

"Rap takes no talent."

Rap includes Freestyle Rap, which is definitetly NOT an easy thing to do. Freestyle includes quick thinking, custom music, and the ability to talk in a quick paced, stable tone. It is not just talking fast. Going too fast or too slow will ruin a rap. Choosing background music for a rap is not easy either. It has to FIT in.

"Rappers are g4gsters wh0 n33d to b3 sh0t."

Rappers are not gangsters***. The gangster or gangsta background is an image. The image SELLS. The intent of anybody's career is to make money to live. By this statement, rappers succeed in life.

"Rap doesn't take singing...just talking really fast. Rapping takes no musical talent."

Consider looking up the word "tempo." Rapping is not talking fast, it requires metronome, beat, poetry, tempo, and rhythm. All of these are aspects of music, henceforth, rap is music. Creating music takes talent, henceforth, rap takes talent.

I hope that helps clear people's minds up. It sickens me how unintelligent, one sentence long "definitions" are the ones with the most thumbs up. It is also pitiful how if you choose to knock this down with a "thumbs down," you will be biased. Nothing I stated here was an opinion; these are all facts.
*Several athletes have said that they always listen to rap before a sporting event.

**Generalizing can not be done to the genre of rap. In fact, rap is not a genre. It is a culture. There are many, many, many sub-genres of rap. Chances are at least one song on your iPod is a rap. Just because iTunes doesn't classify it as a rap, does it not make it a rap?

***Something needs to be understood about gangsters. Rappers are not gangsters, and chances are (if you live in urban areas), you have never seen a gangster. Gangsters are people who choose to be gangsters as a way for survival. The gangster life is the life of shooting, stealing drugs, robbing, petty theft, felonies... Rappers are not gangsters, and listening to rap or becoming a rapper does not make you a gangster.
by Fra22 December 06, 2005
Rap music is another evolution of American music. Like all true American music, it originates with African Americans, follows little to none of the "classic" rules of European music, and pays no homage to the majority culture. Rap music IS was rock n' roll WAS, the music of rebellion. It has been adopted as one of the musics of choice by poor city dwellers in almost every urban center of the Western World. Ironically, rock n' roll was a previous expression of African American music, later accepted and adopted (or co-opted) by the mainstream culture. The same may yet occur with rap, at which point poor African Americans will develop some other music form.

Jamaican born DJ Kool Herc moved to New York in the late 1960's and brought with him the Jamaican tradition of "toasting", which involved reciting improvised rhymes over instrumental sections of reggae records. He used twin turntables and cut back and forth between two seperate records to create a new sound. He would chant things like "Throw your hands in the air/And wave'em like ya just don't care!". This type of crowd pleaser was known as "rapping" to the crowd. At that time rap was not yet known as 'rap' but called 'MCing'. He later turned his attention to DJing and let two friends Coke La Rock and (the orginial) Clark Kent handle the mic. This was rap music's first MC team. They became known as Kool Herc and the Herculoids.
Those who say it's not music, or that it's "ghetto music", have no connection with the history of THEIR own rock music - making them cultural bastards.
by Lived_It August 08, 2005
Simply another music genre. Started sometime in the 1970's by the "Sugar Hill Gang" with the song, "Rappers Delight", which was spawned by Disco. 'Funk' beats were originally behind the vocals. In the 1980's, groups like "N.W.A." and "Ice-T" felt the need to get the message across that African-Americans were not being treated with equal rights, so they turned to music. Heavy beats and "hard-core" lyrics were introduced to the music and this was the birth of "Gangster(a)" rap. Then rappers had idea's to release tension from their hard lives or growing up in poverty which led to rappers like "Tupac" and "Biggie". Now days, it is hard to find a rapper who is actually trying to send a message across, most people are just trying to make money or show their verbal skill.
Rap is bashed a lot by narrow minded people. These people like what they want to like and anything different is not worth their time and should not be to any other people. Usually people who like Rock or "Punk". These people can often be found saying things like "Wanna disco with me?"
"Disco is the sex". And what do you know; Disco spawned Rap.
The Rap lyrcist wrote his trouble's down on paper and put a song to it. Now he is making millions and people relate to his troubles.
by [e.99]Miracle August 10, 2005
A genre of music which involves steady beats and rhyming lyrics. Started in the early eighties and became popular with such groups such as Run D.M.C and Public Enemy. Then in the late eighties and early nineties a group named N.W.A. revolutionized the industry when they came up with ganster rap and released "Straight Outta Compton". From there the group spread creating their own groups and labels; Dr. Dre, perhaps the most successful leader of the group started "Death Row Records" with one of the greatest rappers ever, Tupac Shakur. After 2pac's death, Dre officially stated that the era of gansta rap was no more. Nearly every popular rapper on the west coast today is what they are thanks to Dr. Dre; 50 Cent, Eminem, and even The Game. The fact is that rap is not the same today as it was ten, fifteen years ago its changed to almost a complete different genre of music, for example: listen to "Eazy Duz It" and then compare it to "Red Tea" by Crime Mob. Completely different. Rap is generally listened by, but not limited to, African Americans but white people also listen to it as well, also not all African Americans like rap. It can go either way. The thing I hate are stupid ass rednecks and stuck up racists rockers who thinks rap is crap, the only reason they think that is through stereotypes and have probably only listend to a few seconds of some crappy stuff like "Get On My Level" or something by Fat Joe. If they actually sat down and listened to some N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Eazy, I'd guarantee they'd change their minds in an instant. All in all I hope that rap will continue to inspire and entertain us for many years to come.
It'd be a better world if we all listened to rap...
by The Real Definer November 04, 2005
Rap is the product of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiots that have jumped onto a bandwagon of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiot clones. An entire genre of morons who are insanely jealous of the REAL musicians of the world that can actually SING or play an INSTRUMENT.

These 'rappers', idiots having no identifiable skills or talents whatsoever, have gone so far as to invent their own unintelligible language, (having ran out of REAL words to rhyme with...) creating a need for a website such as this.

That's right, this website... dedicated to inventing definitions for the cRAP that comes out of their mouths.

These 'rappers' and their clones have invented their own retarded image of what they consider 'cool', which consists of wearing extremely baggy clothing in the most ignorant and laughable ways possible. Hats upside down and backwards or cocked to the side, pants pulled down around the ankles with boxers pulled up above their nipples.

Meanwhile... in mansions far far away...

White businessmen nationwide are making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of these idiots, ALLOWING these rap "artists" to believe that their crap is some sort of "rebellious musical uprising", when in reality, these idiots are blindly programming their fellow 'rapping population' that a car just isn't a car unless it has the most insanely expensive (ehem) pointlessly dumbass rims possible.

Oh, yeah, and if you spend all your rap money on retardedly huge gold rings and watches and chains, (bling) you'll be the super duper most awesomest pimptatious blackalicious cool rapper evar!!!

Idiots. Let's add up how dumb you are.

HOW HARD IS IT... to sit down and write a few paragraphs filled with rhyming words? They don't even have to be REAL WORDS! Idiots! To top it off, (as if it weren't already easy enough...) you don't even have to learn to play an instrument! There's NO SKILL INVOLVED! AT ALL! NONE! ZERO! ZILCH! NADA.

It's a freaking DRUM MACHINE for god's sake. You PUSH BUTTONS to make a beat. WOWWW! Neat! You're a REAL musician now, huh! Oh, hey... don't forget to steal parts of songs from real musicians! That way, you won't have to bother learning that wack six-stringed thingamabopper that dem white muh-fuckas play. Juz loop it an den iz all good, nawmsay'n.

Pretend like it's yours.

And let's not forget the incredible messages you convey with your mastery of the microphone's on/off switch: "Thong th-thong thong thong. Yago make me lose mah mind up in eah... up in eah! Yago make me act a FOOL up in eah."

Hey. Don't blame Yago. You do it to yourself. You ignorant bastards.

All of you. Each and every crap 'artist' out there.

Oh, and that's a swell walk you've got goin there. Did the dumb drip down into your leg, setting you off balance?
Big booty shakin in da hizzy dizzy fizzy fo shizzy.
40oz. drippin from my lips, glocks be fulla clipz.

Insert an "aww yeah" and "uhh huh" between every 6 and 8 words, allowing for the 'n-word' between every 3. I know, rap sucks.

And I simply cannot stress this enough... if at ANY POINT you have the opportunity to replace an 's' with a 'z', juz do it. "Izzle" be yo friend yawmsay'n?

by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005
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