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Horrible music. I have some good reasons for having this opinion too.

I used to be around rap all the time, and really.. it all sounded the same. Same beat all the time, and very identical voices (seeing as most rappers are black and have similar voices). The only thing that really changes are the sound effects in the back. Not only that, but most mainstream rap is about, yup - you got it: Sex, drugs, money, violence, racism against whites, and gangsta life. I'm not stereotyping, because I KNOW not all rap is about this. But really.. how many examples can you give besides people such as 2pac, Kayne West or Mos Def?

2pac wasn't really any different from today's rappers. He too made songs about life in the ghettos, and being a gangsta. He made songs about shooting cops, and committing other various crimes. These really aren't some standards I'd want to live by. Wouldn't you agree? And Kayne West... he recently exposed his racist personality by talking about how whites don't care about black people, and how he thinks that everything that happens is because of white people. Mos Def might've been one of the only rappers who did not follow all these stereotypes, but there are few people who listen to him compared to people who listen to shit like 50 Cent, Ludacris, or Nelly.

If you listened to most of today's rap, the songs will always be about either one of the themes mentioned above, but mostly sex. Actual lines in some rap songs include: "I'm in love with a stripper", "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes", "Shake that ass girl", "I'll let you lick the lollipop", and "Your ass is a masterpiece". I could probably come up with lots more examples if I continued looking. Just goes to show you what most rap is made of.

So therefore, to those of you who are trying to defend rap, why bother? You're telling us to listen to the good stuff like 2pac, Kayne West, Mos Def, etc., but however, you listen to all that gangsta rap shit at the same time. Go out in public, and look around you. See how many people have been possessed by this music. They act like they're "the shit", use curse words in all of their sentences, wear G-Unit clothes, and call themselves "gangstas". If people really listened to the stuff you're telling them to listen to, why do we have so many people who listen to OTHER stuff and follow THEIR standards?

One more thing. To those who defend rap and bash rock/metal, SHUT UP. I'm not stereotyping rap, but YOU'RE stereotyping rock. There are VERY few bands who, as you call it, smash their instruments or scream at the top of their lungs like psychotic lunatics. The bands who do that are usually black metal bands, and black metal is virtually unknown by the public. The same goes for bands who, once again as you call it, make songs about Satan, blood, death, and all those other gruesome themes. That's death metal, which isn't any more popular than black metal. Sure, some of today's modern popular bands DO talk about this stuff, and they DO smash their instruments and scream, and yea, we all know those bands suck, just like 50 Cent does as a rapper. But they don't reflect on the ENTIRE genre. Whereas with rap, almost 2/3 of the genre is about the stereotypical stuff. Seriously, if you're going to attack something, at least be accurate with it.
Face it, rap sucks. The only talent it takes to make rap is to write lots of words and keep it in harmony with the beat. Too bad the words that are used are almost always about sex, drugs, money, and gangstas. I respect those who do not write about this stuff, and actually make their words poetry, but there are few artists who did this.

The only thing rap has going for it is that it's good music to dance to, whereas you can't do that with most rock. However, rock takes lots more talent. You need cooperation of several people to make just ONE song, while rappers don't need anyone - thus his/her job is easier. You need to learn to play instruments, while a rapper only needs to know how to talk/sing on the mic, which in fact IS quite easy to do. Not only that, but rock music is actually VARIED. Rap.. all you have is about 2 or 3 different beats with different sound effects in the back, which can be played by pushing buttons on a machine. NIIICE.
by SomeBadJoke August 04, 2006
Rap. Rap is a derivative of apparently musical shit or poetry some niggers invented. Look rap is rap, poetry is poetry don't fuckin insult those poor poets!! U niggas r associating their poetry to ur monotone beat with a random mumbling nigger talking about skankz money pimps sex drugs jail and the ghetto over the beat!! I mean come on!! Reality check! U say that we don't understand rap cuz were not poor.. Think bout it.. if u lissen to rap it means u associate with it so ull always be poor!! Instead of moning bout how life is hard in the ghetto, then do something bout it!!! Don't just drop out of school and lissen to rap!! Get a life!!! And plus all this gangsta crap that was stolen from the italian mafia!! Comon stop immitating italians! Capone, Gotti, gansgtERism, organized crime, mafia! that's all italian n some assholes like three six mafia go and ruin an italian heritage term!! Irv Gotti! did he really have to change his name to an italian one??!!WTF!!!! GEt ur own heritage and life! Ur probly thinkin im a redneck that lissens to rock now. Surprise! i dont like rock! And guess what?? i dont live in a ghetto!! ahahahaha ...this rap shit is degrading the negro society...! blacks are putting themselves down!! its a vicious circle! Dont u get it rap is ment to suck you into a life of poverty and stay at the bottom of the social pyramid! Shit!! good luck in life. peace out. And i fully respect any afro-american who doesnt associate to this crap.
Rap man: You know its hard out here for a pimp! We gotta get money for the rent!

Smart man: Then get a real fuckin job so u can pay for the rent like the other 250 million ctizens in this fuckin country!

Rap man: Uhhh...

Smart man: (drives off in his mercedes)
by MeG_G May 26, 2006
rage against peter, at group in which we pledge to always forever Rage Against Peter.
see peter h
"We will always R.A.P forever."
"Pretty soon the whole world will want to join R.A.P"
by R.A.P April 02, 2005
A form of music created by record companies behind the veil of African-American culture in order to avoid attacks on it. Claimed to be culturally beneficial to African-Americans, in actual fact promoting a negative stereotype. Usually encourages sexism, racism and violence. Skill has yet to be found in this particular genre. Has been well received by middle class white adolescents in North America and Europe who are desperate to be popular, stand out as an individual and be in a position to belittle others (see poser).
I'm a gangsta ho-rider! See that busta?
Yo, bitch, get 'n ma bed or gets raped!
by parry23 July 25, 2005
Rap is a type of music that was created in Urban America and has since spread to the suburbs. Therefore it's audience takes in probably more whites than blacks however since most rap artists are blacks, they unfortunately give white people a very negative impression of their way of life since that is all white people see of them.

Rap is a very destructive phenomenon first of all because it undermines values that are necessary for a safe and productive community. Its message preaches that it is okay to kill people, it is okay to use drugs, abuse women and to be irresponsible when having sex. A lot of people that like rap try to defend their music by saying "well it's just music and they're just words. It can't possibly have any influence". If you tried to tell such a thing to Mozart, Stevie Wonder or Miles Davis, they would throw a fit. Of course music can change your mood and anyone who doesn't agree is just doing so because they are dependent on the rap industry for one reason or another. I know all the 50 cents will call me a white piece of shit for saying this but America especially in the black community desperately needs to adopt family values or people will continue to kill people over peanuts.

Another thing rap destroys is the black community. The music was created to vent anger created by years of being oppressed but it isn't getting the black community anywhere. Nobody is sticking it to the whiteman when a black kid is killed in a drive by shooting and the other one is sent to rott in jail for the rest of his life.

If you are a you are a black male who has adopted the hip hop look and you are wondering why you are being profiled by the police, don't blame us white people. Who are we supposed to arrest when people like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg promote gang activity and say openly "fuck the police". It's a no brainer that the police are going to pick up kids that wear baggy t-shirts and du rags and that well to do white people are going to stay away from the inner city.

In America anyone that wants to make money can whether you are born black or white. The urban youth should use people like Derek Jeter as a role model instead of criminals because he is well mannered, succesful, clean cut and he has good family values.
Rap artists like 50 cent are responsible for creating negative stereotypes about how black people and other minorities are dangerous criminals. The message of gangster rappers have killed way more people than the Klu Klux Klan ever has or will. Gangster rappers should not be made into heros by the youth.

Stop listening to rap, get a respectable looking haircut, maser a productive activity and maybe you will end up with a nice family someday instead of being locked up in a hellish prison wasting the life you were blessed with.

Rap artists that spread evil messages should be on trial and put to death for spreading terroristic ideals.
A type of "Music" that is very popular among the adolescent urban-youth demographic, more often than not portraying crime and "life in poverty", which is just a poor excuse. Some of the other definitions on the site say it's "poetry", and to give "2pac" and Eminem a try. Here is an example why "2pac" isn't poetry.
"The first one jumped out and said, "Freeze!"
I popped him in his knees and shot him, punk.. please.."
2pac, Song: Crooked Ass Nigga.
Case in point. If "not all Rap is about crime", then why does 2pac portray killing the police? Rap is barely synced to music, Where Music syncs to notes and sheet music, so long as the rap "artist" and the "band" start at the same time, It's apparently OK. Also, Rap fans say that Rap is great, yet it constantly shows a racism that, strangely, is widely accepted.
"Criminal behaviour
Criminal, criminal, crim
Crim-criminal behaviour
Criminal beha.. crima-crima-crima
Crim-crim, criminal behaviour
Criminal behaviour.."
Crim-crim, criminal? I don't remember Edgar Allen Poe using that rhyming scheme, most likely because he produced real POETRY. Rap is not music, stop saying it is. Many white people grow up in poverty, Myself included, but that doesn't mean we like to listen to someone talk about it.
Rapguy: Yo, check dis fly beat, bitch.
Me: Sorry, what?
Rapguy: Shizzle.
Me: No Thanks, I'm clean.
Rapguy: Cracka.
Me: Uhh, OK.
by R4300i November 18, 2005
Vulgar and incoherent ghetto poetry usually set off to pre-programmed 'beats'. Or 99% of the musical content found in the 99% lacking in music air-time MTV network.
If I want to listen to something more pleasing than rap, I can just listen to the sound that comes out of the rear engine of a broken down pick-up truck.
by ringgoddess October 09, 2005
A lame excuse for music. inspired by people with soul and talent in the 70's now has made itself into a monster, it is corrupting our youth,including me at one point, until the rock saved my soul, but thats a different story. i dont care what you say, ive listened to this 'music' and i see that it is garbage. This cannot even come close to the word poetry. sure there are very few diamonds in the rough,VERY few. all the rappers that are praised as heroes in today's society, including the "almighty" 2pac, are nothing but talentless low class thugs. and if you tell me that not all their music is about guns sex and degredation of women. well,from experience i can tell you that about 80% of it is. I think it is a pretty sad existance if thats all you come up with and still you call yourself a musician. you say there are rappers with talent i agree, but there not the ones the kids are listening to, i guess im considered a kid to, but i escaped the brainwashing. i see this as a fact because i see my little brother whos only 12 and sister whos 14, 2 years younger than me. my brother is starting to use slang terms, and my sister is hearing all these vile lyrics and thinking its fucking cool. these rappers glorify being a "gangster" as so glamorous, so when you tell me to just "not listen to it if i dont like it" well its hard when its coming into my home and fucking with their impressionable minds. It pisses me off even more to know theres nothing i can do about it. Rap is the single biggest lame excuse for music in history of mankind, it also makes me smile when i know that rap is a fad, it will go away as quickly as it came people will realize how fucking stupid it is. And, like always, the throne will be taken over by its rightful master-rock n' roll. But in the meantime, tupac biggie 50cent g-unit three six mafia lilwyte jay-z and all you other talentlentless piles of waste, stay the fuck out of my home.
Hey kid pull up your fucking pants, you been listenin to that rap bullshit?

(note: this entry would be alot longer if i included all my racist feelings, but since they are allowed to say as much as they want about us white folk, i guess if i slip a single n-bomb, im a racist pig...)
by SlaYeR666 June 18, 2006