1. v. To destroy or desecrate the English language.

2. n. A genre of "music" that discusses demeaning and/or objectifying women, violence, and utilizing drugs. It also involves unnecessary cussing and making no sense.
1. Hello there my fellow African American friend. I feel like making a fool out of myself so I will rap and bring a hundred new words into existence and mispronouce old ones.

2. Later on that day
My homey dr. dre came through with a gang of tanqueray
And a fat ass j, of some bubonic chronic that made me choke
Shit, this ain’t no joke
I had to back up off of it and sit my cup down
Tanqueray and chronic, yeah I’m fucked up now
But it ain’t no stoppin, I’m still poppin
Dre got some bitches from the city of compton
To serve me, not with a cherry on top
Cause when I bust my nut, I’m raisin up off the cot
Don’t get upset girl, that’s just how it goes
I don’t love you hoes, I’m out the do’
And I’ll be

Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice
Laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice
by XFS May 27, 2005
Rap~Retards Attempting Poetry.

More seriously, it's a combination of simple fast vocals choc-full of expletives and short beats.
''Look at that retard (rapper)! He's attempting poetry!''
by JennZorz April 22, 2006
the worst excuse for "music" ever made. and im not just some poser who hates rap because lots of other people do. i mean, i used to listen to rap. then, i realized how stupid and shitty it is. and i dont stereotype it either. not all rap is about drugs, violence, sex, etc. some of it is, but not all of it. and im no racist either; i hate eminem, and i like black rockers like jimi hendrix
and all of u retards who say that we rockers stereotype rap should shut the fuck up. even if some people do, u people who like rap stereotype rock too.first of all:
rock takes ass loads of talent, i mean, have u tried playings some metallica? didnt think so.
second of all:
rockers dont just hit the guitars, and scream and bang the drums, ur thinking of black metal,(which still takes talent) an extremely tiny fraction of rock
third of all:
almost all rock isn't about drugs, sex, violence, rape, gore, blood,sexuality, satan, death, disease, etc. thats death metal(which is almost impossible to play) and black metal(both r still pritty good, in my opinion)
to make my point clear, rap is garabage and rock kicks ass
black dude: quit stereotyping rap!!
me: im not, u fuck bag!
Black dude: if ur not stereotyping rap, then rock isnt constant screaming and banging of instruments
me:im not, and ur a hypocrate, cuz ur stereotyping rock right now. not all rock screams and bangs, and the stuff that does takes talent, so shut the fuck up, bitch!!!

rap LICKS balls
by bob July 07, 2006
1) Retards Attempting Poetry
2) Meaningless shit that tends to have a reasonably good beat. Bad grammar mixed with bad spelling, with a dash of perversion
3) A seriously overrated style of writing, mostly used by black "ganstas." Occasionally white people attempt rap, but are flared at for being wiggers. Some, such as Eminem managed to make a good name for themselves through fart jokes. Ironically, Eminem wrote the occasional meaningful song.
1) At least Shakespeare made a damn good attempt, now they don't even try.
2) Rap used to be about big asses. Now it's about sex, the street, cars, and DENTALWEAR of all things. But it's still mostly about girls shaking their asses
3) Missy Elliot is a girl rapper, and she goes around bragging about how hot she is. She even wrote a song called I'm Really Hot. If that isn't sad, I don't know what is
by Daughter of Set February 25, 2006
SUCKS!!! u need no talent to rap..just get a couple of ur friends, tape a conversation n put music behind it. they dont play instruments either. u want talent? listen 2 the drummer for slipknot. thats talent. bet no gay ass rapper could do that. they wuld probly get pissed off and shoot the drums. there is no rap song that has instruments played it in. its all computer generated. and i mean...wat the hell is with the shirtless thing...i mean...piss off we dont wanna c ur bullet wounds or see the tats u got...

OH YEAH!!! rappers are scared of cooties. notice how they always have sluts dancing around them but they neva touch them coz theyre hands are always in the air.

I agree that rap USED to be kool with MC Hammer and all the old rappers like that but now its just a contest of how many bitches they can get 2 shake their ass by the end of the video clip.
(rapper at rock concert for some unknown reason)

rapper: Yo homie, my ears are gonna explode from the noise!
rocker: what are you on about?
rocker: thats the introducer...
rocker: talking??
rocker: spaces?
rapper: YES!!! ITS TORTURE!!!!
by noise!!! January 01, 2006
An excuse for being music by the retards that enjoy it, but be assured it's just a very simpled minded childish elementary schemed game, and game is the key word. (It's a fucking game is what I mean you fucking brainless retards.) Bored little poor kids made it, stupid people, and billions of dollars is how it got where it got today. The music is shit, but it's really the stupid fucking brainless people killing themselves to try to look coo whom insist that they like it is what actually pisses everyone off.
After having it in my face my whole life, and coming from right next to minutes away from the projects the music itself is the downfall of humanity, and what has come from it depresses me. For instants kids as young as 10 are selling drugs, as well as getting pregnant from trying to act coo, and mature.
Composure wise rap gamers (not at all artist) barely - to do not at all make their own beats. They sample some "beats" from a DJ's machine (it makes the beat), and decide which ones give them the best adrenaline flow to think the best. The rest is just smack talk.
As for the stupid fucking brainless people that like it, I relay this message to you - it's time to move on soldier. Hear me out. The only quality part of it is its beat, and just try to imagine there's music where the beat is just as good, and a lot better (being much more complex), but is only just 25% of the entire song's composure, but it's made by people's hands/feet(drums). Also hating rap has nothing to do with hating black people, it's about hating poverty, and those who thrive in its misery. After all the blues, and R&B (-modern day r&b) is all about black people, and ever music fan like them.
Rap gamer fans it's time to grow up. Techno is like white people's rap.
by Willwawesomeo January 26, 2007
A form of music which involves talking over a "ringtone" and requires a great talented musician to sing in it for it to sell eg/ Phil Collins, Elton John, The Doors etc. These musicians write and sing the basis of many famous rap songs and are often "ignored" because they think that the rapper did all the important stuff when all they did was "talk".

Rappers often rip off melodies from classic songs and claim it for their own. Eg/ Spandeau Ballet's "True", Martika's "toy soldier", etc. The main reason why they cant make up their own tunes is that they are talent less and they know that their work is shit so instead they used other people's work to make more money.

Many people claim that rap has “unique” beats and rhythms and requires talent to make these beats. For Goodness sake its just a drum machine doing some bass and snare loops. What’s so amazing about that? You want real beats, listen to those amazing drummers that could play on odd time signatures and makes the song better than it was.

Also, Many fans of rap thinks would try to defend their "music" by telling us to listen to old rappers like 2pac because he writes songs about important stuff, but doesn’t everyone do that? It’s nothing special. Many different artists from different genre of music also writes about important stuff except that they use INSTRUMENTS and they make their own amazing MELODIES and LYRICS. (that’s right people, there’s lyrics in other types of music as well. Much more clever and original than 2pac’s or other rappers for that matter. Remember that great lyrics (or even poems) don’t have to rhyme.) When 2pac writes about the problems of the world, Every one is like “Wow, he’s musically talented” but when really talented great black musicians like Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley writes about the problems of the world, no-one gives a damn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist. I admire Black people. They have so much potential to do anything in this world, even being musicians . But I dislike how RAP music is destroying their image in this modern society. I don’t watch music shows anymore because of the filthy clips that these rappers produce. Rap and Rappers are a disgrace.
hey john, turn on the sample from that keyboard and lets rap!
by Rynaldo January 03, 2006
the lowest form of 'expression' through music
usually involves speaking slightly faster than ordinary people and in a retarded monotonous voice

can be performed by anyone, but usually by black people
the 'rapper' must dress like a gangsta
does not necessarily have to have good knowledge of the language being used, for example chinese rapper 'gin'

Usually includes references to all the niggers in the hood and sex or drugs and rap videos always include the rapper showing off with money that they dont have dancing with chicks who they will never get laid by, wearing copious amounts of bling

rap is now seen as an alternative to real music like rock and punk rock. The majority of listeners are americans who cant afford to go to a rock concert so listen to rap instead at home wid da homies
gangsta1: yo that rapper raps like yo mum
gangsta2: I no so talented innit homy
gangsta1: jus like everyone else who tries to rap

'g-unit are shite lets go listen to blink 182'
by rock on March 09, 2006

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