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To cut or dis Making fun of someone or yelling insults at them. Used everywhere including New England
I'm mad you rankin' on Ashley cuz she coo
by Hi December 22, 2004
To make fun of someone, to diss them

It is mostly used in Miami.
He ranking on your shoes man.
by AC November 23, 2004
To make fun of someone, or making fun of, back and forth.

Word used in Miami and all of Florida.
Dawg I think buddy tring to rank my clothes.
by Sean P.L. April 25, 2004
ranking,rankin',etc. can also mean someone is hiding their affiliations, not representing their Identity when asked , usually by a rival gang when a gang member is in the wrong varrio,hood, or turf.
"eh holmes , where you from, eh?"
"um, nowhere , eh. uh, uh "
"tskchhhh, Chale!, holmes,you're focken RANKING esse."
by i811st August 19, 2009
"really good", "cool", etc
"gimme da rankin' nu Blazin Squad CD mah niggah!"
by Alice October 23, 2004

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