When something is is totally disgusting, gross or just plain sucks! Especially smells (oh god, that was rankin!!), but it can describe anything, from taste, to how you feel, to the clothes someone dorky kid wears(those shoes are rankin, you nerd)
Even if something's just totally uncool-"yeah, your hairstyle is like,kinda rankin dont you think??"
If you're having a bad day -" Aww man, this day has been Rankin"

Or if you've eating something that was really gross-"YUK!! that was RANKIN!!"

"This public toilet is rankin!!"
by GetYourGunn April 11, 2006
Top Definition
To be fuckin' awesome.
I went to a party last night and it was rankin'
by rankin' feathers November 08, 2007
Definition of a beast, who doesnt take no for answer. He was born when earth, water, wind and fire collided, eroding a mythical creature known as rankin. his age is unknown, but he is rumoured to be older than the Earth itself.He is indestructible, impenetrable, and inconcievable. Nothing can destroy him, and no one copy him. His greatest enemy is himself, and he rolls with Adam Sobolak and Nez.
Son-"Why is there gravity, Dad?"
Dad-"Because we need something to hold Rankin

by Not Pollard November 16, 2010
When a drunk girl can't reach the toilet and shits all over the floor and makes other people clean it up
Rachel just pulled a rankin all over Erin's floor
by Dwin69 February 19, 2015
Codeword used at Grand Bend for people who are enjoying alcholic beverages while camping on May TWO-FOUR. Will lead to doing it live and going over the edge!!
Hey Meyer, need some more rankin- Matt
No I am over the edge!!- Meyer.
by Pritchshow January 28, 2010
A last name that originated in Scotland
emily rankin is a name of a person i know and she would agree that rankin does not mean fowl smelling or anything its a last NAME
by the.emz April 14, 2007
To pass large amounts of rank-smelling gas in a short amount of time.
"Man, that guy was rankin' it up in Math class today."
by Rupert Gehmlich April 21, 2006
to roast or try in order to be funny.
Why you rankin?
by dj32089 September 18, 2008
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