A Hayleyism...

Used to describe something nasty or unpleasant.
That cheese is rank, you fukin bellend.
by ChrisBa May 23, 2005
A name, noun, or verb used for someone who is excessivly flirtatious or flirting while having no chance of succeeding

Often used with the prefix "Dr."
"That guy was sure "rankin'" on her!"

"Look at Dr. Rank working his unholy magic!"
by Andrew March 24, 2005
Rank: an elaborate system used to determine an individual's standing within a closed group of other individuals. Best example is in a military setting, but also found in gangs and religious gatherings.
"One time at band camp, I tripped over my shoes and knocked down the entire Flag Corp's first rank!"
by Darksea (Darcy) July 31, 2003
The smell of a dirty ass female who hasn't washed her thang in 3 months!
Holy Shi...That girl is rank!
Part of the mank-jank-skank-rank-gank scale of just how bad something is. All are negative terms.

gank is worse than
rank is worse than
skank is worse than
jank is worse than
That dead horse in your garden is rank
#mank #jank #skank #gank #mank-jank-skank-rank-gank
by James Keenan May 25, 2006
To rank: to steal something
Check out the pen I ranked off Sarah!

Dude, stop ranking all my M&M's.
by Courtney-Jane August 06, 2005
when a person is fat, and ugly
Dude, that biatch is rank!
by not Luke Oliver Baker February 17, 2003
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