something that smells or taste or even looks so disgusting you cant even imagine what it is!
something the makes your face go all weird and then you scream rank because its the only word that fitss how gross this deformed figure may be.
" holyyy shittt mannn did you see that guys facee it was rank as fuck! godd"

" that hotdog taste like rank shitt"

" eww that girl jsut barfed up her mexican surpise RANKKKKKKKKK"
by Joy April 01, 2007
Something that looks or smells disgusting
"That perfume is rank."
by Halley P. November 25, 2005
to be in someone's face or there be on to someone's scheme!
im all up in yo ranks biotch!
by DARREN M. TOEWS March 26, 2004
a word used to describe sumthing/sum1 dirty, disgusting,ugly, gross and a bit deroish.
"that guy was heaps rank"
by ruler of the world!!! hahahaha February 10, 2004
Nasty, ewww,Less, Just not fucking good!
I feel rank, that food was horrid.
You smell so rank when you dont wash!
Your hair looks rank.
by Ethan West January 01, 2006
Horrible like clothing that is horrible or food.
"That pizza smells rank."
by notaminger! August 17, 2005
to harass or annoy someone
Alvin needs to stop ranking me. It's getting on my nerves.
by Light Joker March 04, 2005

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