smoking too much weed and becoming unable to function and or consuming an abundance of alcohol.
I was so rank last night i couldnt get hard when i had her naked.
by steelersh8ter March 03, 2010
cool, awesome, used in central florida, meaning the high quality. it comes from dank, another word used meaning high quality used by hippies, this is used by southern highschool and recently graduated young adults
that mudhole was rank
that was a rank steak
we had a rank weekend
by its beach bitch! August 23, 2009
Adjective describing an unsavory, horrifying, or even unholy stench, such as what comes from a goddamn vagina.
"Good gravy, what in hell is that rank foulness?"

"I think it's your wife's goddamn vagina."
by MyNameIsFrank March 01, 2008
when you say you're going to hang out with someone and then don't
"I was supposed to meet Joe at the mall but he ranked at the last minute!"
by Bloopbloop September 29, 2007
Someone or something that is putrid or stinky.
"I went to go down on the gal, but her puss smelled rank!"
by x January 31, 2003
Describing something on a hot girl. Undefinable.

Absolutely do not define the rank as something.

e.g Damn dude, those two ranks were so saggy I just wanted to rub all over them.

Better used as "Damn, that girl's got some fineeee rank."
"Yo Stephen, check out the rank on that bitch."

"Damn dude, she got some fucking rank."

"Hell ya man, I want me some of that rank."
by TheRankster September 22, 2010
When you are having a rant about an issue, while having a wank.
I hate algorithms.Its so rubbish, no one cares! Rank over!
by Buttons87 May 14, 2010

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