Short term for rancid.
Josh: awww, a dead rabbit.
James: awww rank!
by James Skelly January 08, 2005
Another word for gross or mingin
Bloody hell that dog is rank
by Nev April 30, 2004
Really Awesome Ninga King
That RANK was a total badass. He came at that assasin like a spider monkey.
by leroyalrankness January 24, 2013
1. Something purely disgusting or gross.
2. Awesome, amazing, epic win.
1. "Kyle's house smells fucking rank."
2. "Did you hear about that new video game coming out? It looks rank."
by marktheman14 July 24, 2011
of bad smelling tasting feeling ect..
whoa that smells rank
by Shawn Ziff November 28, 2005
A unique name given to only those who are the sexiest of the sexy
Girl: Hey look at that sexy guy over there.
other Girl: Hes the sexiest guy i have ever seen!
Guy: oh him? Yeah thats Ranks.
by Exhi May 21, 2011
A substance, mostly an odor, or person whos smell, look, texture etc. is unappealing to another individual.
Joe: I just farted
Frank: I smell it, RANK!
by booosh3456 June 28, 2009

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