Some fag from Sydney uni with a big red head, fanta coloured pubes and a fiesty temper. Avoid this creature but standing in a sunny postion (he can't go under the sun). But don't laugh- he suffers from gingervitis.
I was gonna be this ranga's dad but the orangutan beat me up the stairs!
by FROMMANLY September 17, 2008
An ugly redhead who shares characteristics similar to that of a vampire.

How to spot a Ranga:
1. Allergic to the sun and/or anything UV related.
2. Skin is extremely pale and freckled.
3. Hair is a bright red/orange.
4. Young ones are extremely overactive and cannot behave.

Rangas have been confirmed as Gods forsaken children and has marked them with such hideous characteristics so everybody knows he does NOT love them.
Vampire hunter one: Look! There's a Vampire! (fires gun)
Vampire hunter two: You idiot, it was just a Ranga.
Vampire hunter one: Same thing, not like anyone will miss it.
by The voice of the Truth November 17, 2007
pedophile , fat , ugly , red hair , cradlre snatcher ...
look its a ranga
by yeah boyy 111111 December 29, 2008
Quite possibly the most hideous and disfigured human being to ever set foot on this planet. A deformed face and a discraceful body, with tits featuring those of an Orangutan (Rangas), are what make up this disgusting piece of fecal matter.
To many mean things to say about Rangas.
by Bruce September 17, 2003
A person who has red hair. They are constantly are made fun of but they deserve it because they're burning up. They contribute to Global Warming by burning. Finally because of the hair colour the males find it incredibly hard to get laid. They are also mutants and aren't actually human.
Man that Ranga is burning up.
Ranga Ranga Ranga S S S (Water touching their hair)
Hey don't give that ranga head he'll burn your tongue
by Haha Stewys A Ranga October 17, 2007
A rank or stang object or person, meaning incredibly disgusting or unattractive, the combination of rank and stang join to form Ranga, originally created by Malcolm Norton in 2005
That photo is so ranga, or, Did you see that chick spewing at Michaels Party the other night? that was ranga as!
by Poodalittle January 07, 2009
used to describe motherfuckers with red hair and they are homo's. they don't have sense of humours and all fobs (me) should fuck them up cos they aren't tough like us

fuck u mothafucka
jonah: "hey ranga, go get me a strawberry milk"

me breaking:
by keslan :) January 16, 2008
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