Quite possibly the most hideous and disfigured human being to ever set foot on this planet. A deformed face and a discraceful body, with tits featuring those of an Orangutan (Rangas), are what make up this disgusting piece of fecal matter.
To many mean things to say about Rangas.
by Bruce September 17, 2003
Top Definition
a person who has red or orange hair
richard you fucking ranga piss off
by someone whose name is me September 29, 2003
Derived from Orangutan or from the Latin “Orange Utan” meaning red pubic hair, commonly known as Fanta pants. This creature is well known for its fiery temper and pale skin; hence its ability to spend long periods of time in the sun is limited. The female of the spices is renowned for being good in bed, combining its natural aggression with its lack of appreciation for its looks.
My mate won’t fuck rangas; he said he would rather put his nuts in a rabbit trap.

My misses is a ranga but don’t call her that she will rip your fucking head off and shit down your throat.
by Ferret March 22, 2005
Abbreviation of orangutan, a derogatory term for a redhead.
RANGA!!!!!*shout across cafeteria*
by lizabeth November 07, 2004
Etymology: From Orangutan.
A derogatory term used to describe people with a hair color containing the primary color red, including all its gradients from auburn to strawberry blond. It's usage was popularized by Chris Lilly's t.v show Summer Height's High. The usage of this term reflects blatant ignorance on the user, as they do not consider this form of discrimination significant. This term is on par with "chink" for people with an Asian appearance, "nigga" for people of darker skin, "lebo" for people with an assumed Lebanese background and so on. The discriminatory feelings associated with the usage of the word stem from English racism towards the Celts. However in a modern sense it is more commonly used due to people's inherent weakness to alleviate personal issue's at the expense of others.
"I am pathetic and a quasi-racist because I use the term ranga"
by Sniletep May 22, 2010
someone who was born with gods greatest gift, red hair if they're lucky the will also have freckles and very very pale skin
person 1: wow dude look at that ranga
person 2: that is the coolest thing i have ever seen it's made my day
by ranga July 22, 2006
Nick name for a "red head" -- shortened version of Orang-utans simply because thier hair is also red.
Julie was often referred to as a "ranga" because her hair was flaming red...
by Amylizzy1981 September 03, 2008
Someone who has orange/red hair, comes from the word orangatan.Said as an insult.
OMG you're friends with a ranga!
by NimaJ January 23, 2008
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