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to "Read and Ignore" a text message between two people with Blackberry phones. When each person has the others BBM you can see if they have read a text message you sent them or not.
That fucking cunt just Randied me, what a bitch
by UConnHusky420 March 01, 2010
A loose minded tight snatched girl. Hard on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. Beautiful girl who carrys it well. spunky like a spider monkey. An anytime girl waiting to get her freak on.
Randi is a wench that needs to be taught a lesson.
by erock69 September 08, 2008
(Pronnounce: Run Dee)
A Prostitute
Benezir Bhutto was a famous prostitute before she joined politics in Pakistan
by Randichod October 29, 2003
to give someone a hand job
give me that randi
by zach daddy k September 15, 2010
Hot sticky wad of cum.
Dan was wacking his Durbin and shot Randi all over Toms face.

See Definition for Durbin
by Barry April 15, 2005
A lesbian inflicted with "jungle fever" (a sexual desire for the niggas). Lives in uncivilized areas and feeds off of spider eggs. Prefers to smear feces over genitial and strangers faces. An animal to take caution with.
Stop being such a Randi and put your feces in the toilet, dummy!
by Jessickah August 04, 2004