to "Read and Ignore" a text message between two people with Blackberry phones. When each person has the others BBM you can see if they have read a text message you sent them or not.
That fucking cunt just Randied me, what a bitch
by UConnHusky420 March 01, 2010
when one feels sexual urges.
"Are you feeling Randi, baby?"
by Miranda August 13, 2004
(Pronnounce: Run Dee)
A Prostitute
Benezir Bhutto was a famous prostitute before she joined politics in Pakistan
by Randichod October 29, 2003
to give someone a hand job
give me that randi
by zach daddy k September 15, 2010
Hot sticky wad of cum.
Dan was wacking his Durbin and shot Randi all over Toms face.

See Definition for Durbin
by Barry April 15, 2005

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