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A fictional Hollywood hero who portrays Vietnam veterans as maladapted losers, played by a steroidal actor who avoided the draft and dropped out of special ed in the 10th grade.
In a fit of rage brought on by post- traumatic stress disorder, haunting nightmares of bedwetting through age 12, and his seeming inability to enunciate words in excess of two syllables Rambo repeatedly thrust his fecal coated bayonet into the belly of the greedy industrialist who made his fortune by polluting the environment and clubbing baby harp seals to death for their soft, downy fur.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
a state of mind when you go crazy, dumb, or stupid. U going insane, lunatic, crunk, ratchet.
crunk, crazy, dumb, stupid, out of control, insane, uncontrolable,rambo
by AC da beast July 29, 2008
A name used when someone is being ridiculous or unreasonable. Also used to call someone who's a spazz.
Girl: I'm gonna beat the shit outta that fucking slut.
by amyo February 21, 2008
In a first-person shooter game (ie Counter-Strike or paintball), to take someone out by stealth using a melee weapon. In paintball in particular, "ramboing" generally means tapping someone on the shoulder while behind them to indicate that they are dead, but that you haven't shot them in the back at point-blank range, because that's kinda bitchy.
"Aw, fuck."
by Batmiles April 23, 2006
to impersonate your favourite action hero, while unknowingly homosexually attacking one's friends
man i hate simon when he starts to rambo..... now my ass hurts
by Hatermansam March 17, 2008
rambo is a guy who will do anthing. who also in some cases drinks shottie water. he backflips off buildings and lands on his face. has shotties with 50g shoved down the tube and hes a twat! AKA tom johnston
That was way too much baccy in that, you ramboed my shottie

Go on rambo
You can do it

Someone who will do any thing
by Tasha & Big G January 09, 2009
instead of sandwitch or sambo, the word rambo can be used.
it is generally for really big nice kickass sandwitches.
"check out my fuckin rambo its got meat and shit"

"im dyin' for a fuckin rambo"

"i'd love your chicken rambo"
by mark jameson May 12, 2008
1. When you eat out a girl viciously as she is having her period, and blood splatters all over your face looking like facepaint, hence looking like Rambo. I know. Disgusting.

2. A classic movie starring Sylvester Stallone.

1. Pete: Dude, I ate out my grilfriend last night... man it was intense.
Mike: Why was it intense?
Pete: I gave her a fuckin Rambo!
Mike: You sicko!

2. Tom: Hey, whats that movie with Sylvester Stallone, where kicks everyones ass?
Phil: You mean Rambo?
Tom: That's it!
by papacut February 01, 2007