A raisin is a "Russian Asian". This could mean an Asian who speaks Russian, or a Russian who look Asian, and any combination in between. The Kazakh and Mongloid people fall into this category, as do most people who live on Russia's eastern borders.
I fucked a raisin last night! Woo Hoo!
by Gozto April 23, 2007
a guy raised with a father.
"She go with that raisin, you know the guy in college"
by Ronnie Smif April 03, 2006
An idiot, a jerkoff, a moron.
What kind of raisin calls an all-in bet with J3?
by droogie December 29, 2004
What you must eat in a country where you cannot drink the water. From the Stidfolian dialect of Mexican-Spanish.
You can drink the water, but don't eat the raisins.
by wayne May 22, 2004
to be really really bad, in any way whatsoever. Ie: taste, looks, etc. Can apply to a situation.
NO way man... thats so raisin!
This crap is raisin.
I hate that girl shes so raisin.
by lulu May 08, 2004
An old wrinkled up person.
Freakin raisin cut me off!
by Deric July 14, 2004
When a russian and an asian preform intercourse the resulting spawn is a "raisin"
Niko: Lets have sex!
Aiko: Ok!
Niko: We're gonna have a "raisin"!
Aiko: Yay!
by Fizzlebitch May 23, 2008

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