an annoying, ignorant black person of any age.
"Raisins ruin everything."
"Everyone hates raisins."
by chodexxxxxxx3 April 07, 2010
smokin weed.

comes from rolling joints with paper from the book "the raisin in the sun".
When we gonna hit that raisin up this weekend?
by GManda September 12, 2006
Candy I got them raisins for a Dollar 99 a pound
I got them raisins for a Dollar 99 a pound
by Treefer Boy April 02, 2005
A black infant or adolescent.
It's an African-American mother and her three little raisins.
by Nathan Tiberius July 02, 2007
cigarettes, from the smell of a new pack, which is very similar to the smell of raisins. seriously, go smell a fresh pack and you'll get it.
yo, can i bum a raisin?
by raunchy booty girl July 01, 2005
Term used to describe insanity
The old man's got raisins in his braincase!
by ARtful_D0dg3r September 25, 2004
Something you eat, helps you crap. Healthy. Smells magically delicious.
I ate a raisin when I was trippin off X, coke, crack, MJ, PCP, ZBZ, THC, and ABC's. My gremlin ate one too.
by J December 19, 2003

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