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one who is aged, an old dude
Dawn: Happy 100th birthday!! hehe
You are such a raisin! Such a dinosaur!
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
Term for an eight ounce of Marijuana. Originated In Merrill WI by DJ and JM when deals were conducted in the small Sun Maid Raisin boxes
Hey Bro do you got any raisins on you?
by Lil-Roo November 23, 2008
When the person in question is too thirsty!! This person is always chatting up girls/guys constantly trying to get some ass /dick. Why raisin .. you know they be really dehydrated and shit so they're freakin' thirsty!!
Jack can't even walk by a girl without checking her out and trying to get her number, such a raisin .

The thirst is real with this one, he is the biggest raisin out there!!
by justyohomeboi October 12, 2014
When a dudes balls get small and wrinkley like raisins. especially after taking a cold shower
I hate swimming in cold water. i always get raisins!
by (:)]+< February 01, 2011
Someone who is unwanted by the opposite or same sex.
There's a bowl of chocolate with a raisin in, people prefer the chocolate, thats just how it is.

Dude, you just got friendzoned!

Im such a raisin!
by KingRaisin May 18, 2014
Of, or pertaining to an individual displaying characteristics of having raisin sized testicles.
-"Why do they call that kid Raisins?"
-"He can't hit a shot in bp to save his life, and he hooked up with a chick in a wheelchair..."
-"Oh, I see, fuckin Raisins..."
by Melons R Us February 04, 2012
black people
be careful when your in Mt Vernon, NY - there are a lot of raisins around....
by Patty Kevin R March 11, 2011