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a person who smuggles raisins.
"dude, i was at this raisin farm, and i did some mad raisin smuggling,....because you know,......im a raisin smuggler."
by grand master raisin August 27, 2006
18 44
noun: Woman with nipples erect, and showing through clothing.
It was cold this morning, raisin smugglers everywhere.
by driftwoody March 09, 2006
89 6
A guy/girl having hard nipples showing through their shirt.

Nipples have a wrinkly texture like raisins when they totally hard.
Hey, did you see Stacey's nipples?

Yeah, she's a raisin smuggler.
by Tank ass February 14, 2009
23 5
some one with really tiny balls so as if to look like he was smuggling rasins
omg look at that guys sack it looks like he is smuggling a couple of rasins, what raisin smuggler
by tug boat January 05, 2009
1 21